Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday...'bout time!

Time for another Yugo story, everyone!!

One morning I was driving to work. The town my job was in was kind of an 'intersection' of a whole bunch of highways, going everywhere! I came in on one highway that I took from my town, and when I entered my 'work town', the road I was on went downhill, and there was a three way stop at the bottom, and the other two streets came in under 2 overpasses. All well and good, until I counted on the Yugo...I went down to the stoplight, and the Yugo just kinda died on me. And no, I was NOT out of gas!
I sat there for probably 5 to 10 minutes, trying to get that f*n' piece of shit started, while being laughed at the whole time by everybody in the cars that were going around me. How humiliating! And the people in the cars didn't even have to see me, all the people that ever went past the store I worked at in the middle of town knew that car was mine!! And this was only a 2 lane road, so it was a total pain-in-the-ass for anybody to wait til the left lane was clear, then pass, and most of the time, by the time they got around me the stinkin' light was red, and they had to stop!!
Finally, a nice truck driver took pity on me, and instead of going around me, got out of his truck and walked up by my window, and asked if I needed a ride to wherever I was going. I said "Sure!", & got out of the car, slammed the door without locking it, and went back to the truck & got in. We rode down to my store, and I got out at the light at that corner, went in, and my manager met me at the front door, and asked what the hell I was doing. And where was my car?? I just looked at him, and said, "Well, M, come on back to the break room and siddown, and I'll tell ya!"
So I'm in the middle of the story, and all of a sudden, the huge head cashier that I scared that one time by hiding in the safe, yelled back that I had a phone call. I went up to the office & got the was a freakin' cop, and he wanted to know if the Yugo was my car...I said yeah, but I don't admit it much...don't tell anyone...He said it was good that I left the door unlocked, cuz they'd had to have the car towed. (thank you! one more thing I sure didn't have time to mess with! lol!) I think the way it ended up was that M took me to where the car was, and I had to call somebody to have it fixed. Then when I finally got it home here, Dad came & got it and left his car with me for work the next day. And, damn, the next day he had his mechanic guy put a new engine in it!! Dad thought he was doing something really nice (which he really was), but, honestly, I just wanted to take the car back to where I got it, and tell them to stick it up their ass!

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