Wednesday, June 21, 2006's a big bad dream...

...and I just wanna wake up!!!

Anyway, Father's Day was rather eventful...

Tiff took me out to the nursing home so I could give Dad the card I made him, and say hi, then we were gonna go to the hospital and see Mom. So, we get to the home (it was sad, too...I didn't see as many visitors there as there should've been on Father's Day...). Anyway, it's a great big nursing home, and we had to go down 3 long halls to get to his room. We get there, and look around the open door, and Dad's bed is empty, and made! WTF??!!

We started walking around and looking, maybe he was eating, or visiting someone else's room...Stuck our heads in the dining room and he wasn't in there. Then we asked a nurse for him. She said, hey Cheryl! (Dad's nurse), where's Mr XXXX? Cheryl saw us, got a big smile, came over to us, and said "He's gone." Oh, she SO needs to work on how she says stuff, doesn't she??? She must've seen the looks on our faces, cuz she looked as shocked as we felt "Oh, no, no, no, I didn't mean THAT!! His son came & picked him up to go eat!!"

Obviously that meant Bro, not Psycho. So Tiff called Bro on his cell, and he answered, and they were over at his oldest daughter's house, and they had just had filets, baked potatoes, & vegetables (Dad's favorite Sunday dinner, & he DID EAT!) and wanted to take Dad to the hospital to see Mom, so we told him we'd meet them there. We all pretty much got there about the same time (was kinda funny...two wheelchairs [mine & Dad's]), hardly fit in the room with Mom's bed, and Tiff & Bro standing there too! We're all talking, laughing, etc. when all of a sudden we hear Psycho's boots stalking down the hall to Mom's room....Jesus-God, it sounded like the soundtrack to a Stephen King movie!! yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh all you want...we all did, after Bro & Dad & Tiff & I left. Psycho came in the room, looked around at us, and tossed a little bag of stuff on Mom's bed to her, and said 'I picked up the stuff you wanted from home.' muttered in a rather theatrical monotone. Tiff says, "What, Grandma? Underwear??" In her rather theatrical excited kid's voice. Which I KNOW Mom hated that...she did have a roommate! So, that was my cue..."Tiffany, she's in the hospital...Surely she knows enough to go commando HERE!!" lol! although, Mom didn't lol...she doesn't think it's proper to discuss underwear in mixed company" Psycho spent the next hour or so while the rest of us were there, propped up in the corner, with his arms folded, looking for all the world like a warden! once again...good thing he never, ever tried to go into the fucking customer service career path,, huh?

Then Bro & Dad & Tiff & I got ready to leave. Bro pushed Dad's w/c over beside Mom's bed cuz he wanted to kiss her . When they got there, they couldn't reach each other to kiss, so Bro tilted Dad's chair up and Mom leaned forward......really sweet as hell, then Tiff busts out with "'s a Kodak moment..." I think Bro & I almost both peed our pants!! Good thing he didn't drop Dad! HowEVER...after it was done, Psycho muttered 'She probably didn't need that...'Holy fucking shit with flies!! How can he possibly be related to me & Bro & Tiff (& Bro's 4 kids.). Thank God Bro & I have enough taste not to start a big screaming match right in Mom's hospital room. However, Tiff told me later that Psycho was muttering smartass remarks all the time we were there...and Bro was sitting in the chair right next to Tiff, and after every pearl of wisdom they caught, Bro whispered to Tiff "Shut up, you fucking ASSHOLE!!" Did I ever mention how much I LOVE him???


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