Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm sick of being CRANKY!!

Time to try to get outta my 'funk'! Kim called this morning, and that helped a lot. There's a lot of stuff going on in my life right now that is in addition to everything I've dumped on this blog. Yeah, my life is truly a train wreck right now...and it's nobody's fault but my own. Well, I didn't cause Mom or Dad's problems...or Psycho's either! but, you know what I mean...
I am so happy for Bro! It's so cool that he has everything in his life so well organized, with the business and all, that he & his family can just take off pretty much when they feel like it! Bro & his wife and their youngest daughter are going to San Diego this weekend, and staying for the 4th! What's wrong with this picture, hmmmm? Everything you read about 'birth order' says that the middle child is supposed to be the fucked-up one! Hmmmm...all the families I know, well, the middle one is the one that's outgoing & confident! And Kev's family is really lucky...not one of the three kids is fucked-up!! I think I qualify not only as the baby sister, but also as an only child, cuz by the time I was 10 or so, I was the only one home! That kinda translates into "a spoiled brat"!
And I read a big article a couple days ago that said the younger your mom was when you were born, the longer you'll probably live! It said that kids born to moms under 25 years old, have a 50%! higher chance of living to be 100!! Okay...good news/bad news time...Tiff's got it made, I was 18 when I had mom was 42 when she had me! I guess I'm fucked here, too. Oh well...I see exactly what can happen when you get old, and I want nothing to do with that! Like I said before, I'm SO much more scared of living too long than of death.
Something else about having Tiff when I was 18...I had already graduated from high school earlier that year. Kevin didn't graduate til 1984 (she was born in 1983). And remember, even though we had gone to the same schools since 6th grade, we didn't know each other! After we got married, Kevin adopted Tiff, when she was 6.
Kev works at Verizon right now, doing a lot with the 'systems' and the computers & sales records, and, obviously, it's a big office, with mostly women there (probably about 300!). It's funny, cuz there have been women that work with him in that dept, that have had babies recently, and one time when one of 'em said something about her baby's dad being in the delivery room when the baby was born. Kevin just made a face and said, "Eeeeeewww...". Whereupon somebody asked him, "WHAT?? Where were you when Tiffany was born??". And he just told 'em with a straight face, "Probably study hall..."
All righty then...I think I'm gonna go read for awhile. I was digging through some books (yup, again with the books...), and I found a Robin Cook book called 'Seizure', that I was about halfway through, because I had left a bookmark in it. And that had to be about 6 months ago! But when I opened the book and looked in it, I remembered everything & everyone, & exactly what they were doing and why! Bonus!!

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