Thursday, November 01, 2007

November of the dead, according to some!

Okay, did everybody have their best Halloween EVER??? I did!! I was out taking pictures for about 3 or 4 hours that afternoon, and I met and talked to tons of people, then got home at 5 pm, just in time to get the candy together for the trick-or-treaters that show up promptly from 5:30 to 7:30! And, damn, the $32.xx of candy I got at Family Dollar
almost made it...well, it was okay til 7:05...probably a personal best!!
I'll put some pictures of some of the kids on here tomorrow. Some of them were dressed SO 'ky-ooot'!
The top picture on here is just 2 trees...but they're incredible!! I can see them from my deck in back! The "WAVY" thingys are a few houses down the block from there, and this next one is part of a garden/sidewalk edging...and I just
happened to look down & see that one lonely little red flower growing in the middle of all the dead leaves!
The next two pictures are of a house here about a block away from where I grew up, and the Harding Home...this IS the prettiest streetcorner in town, remember??

This house was always referred to as The Bluestone Manor. I don't know if it's supposed to be haunted or anything, but...just LOOK at it!! It'd almost be a frikkin' CRIME for it not to be!! A lady was pulling in the driveway, and I seriously, seriously almost stopped her and asked her! Would that have been rude? haha.
This is the side door of the house...I thought it was almost like the dog on each side was posed there...except they were barking! heheh! I don't know, but they have to have an electric-eye dog thing so they don't run away! Cuz they ran about 50 yards down to the right of me (the south), and I was watching, kinda worried that they might go out in the street, but no matter how far they ran, they never came closer to the sidewalk than five feet! Hey, you know what? I'll make the supreme sacrifice of some of my valuable time, post-mortem...I, myself, will come here, and haunt this house, for FREE...part-time, of course, because I'll be FAR too busy with my list of people and houses I already have to haunt!! *snort* I'll put a picture or two on here in the next couple days of the mansion/church across the street, and across another street is the big old HUGE haunted house that Joe & I talked about renting (as roommates) in, like, 1986! We both probably still have old pictures laying around of the inside of the house, because it was empty, and had a big FOR RENT sign in the door! We didn't ever get inside, but we took all the pictures from all the windows we could get to!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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