Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday Nov 3...daylight saving time ends tonight, remember?

I know I said I was gonna put pictures of the dressed up kids on here today, but I just can't get past looking at these! Tomorrow? Or next time I post!!
The big white house at the top is the one across the street from Bluestone, yes, the one Joe & I seriously thought about renting togeher. It is SO beautiful! As a matter of fact, X, I just may have to add that one to my list too!!
The church up there is across the other street from Bluestone..that used to be the Kings' mansion, and they were, I guess, big shots in this city, and when they got too old to live here, they moved to the house I grew up in for the rest of their lives...we bought that house from their daughter, who had inherited it.
And that gate up there is in front of the property behind Bluestone, and beside another house that's awesome! It's an octagon, and it's built up on stilts...I'll post a picture of it later.
Yeah, I know, ya didn't come here for a local history lesson, but...
Here's something that's not at all serious...
Don't watch it with pop in your mouth!
I've been trying to call Mom almost every day, but she's usually in the dining room, or in physical therapy...she's just getting to be a 'gadabout', isn't she? lol! No, I'm VERY glad to hear that she's not just hanging out in her room. That would be way too much like what I did for a few years, and that's not good for anyone, no matter how old you are! I found that out the hard way...don't ask!
So that's actually my reason for not blogging every's way too neat outside...I'll have more time to write when it gets ugly outside, which, according to the weather reports, will probably start this coming week, seeing as they're saying it's gonna snow here!
Anyway, I called Bro yesterday and left a message...he called me back...from freakin' Scottsdale, Arizona! He and his wife were out at a car wash, washing their car, and, I think I heard them squirting each other with the hose...yes, I controlled my mouth and didn't say "Bro, act your age! You're 53, for God's sake!" Naww, they're great together. They met right after my brother graduated, and was working..he went downtown one Saturday, to get a pair of sandals...remember, this was the early 70's...they were a pair of sandals that had the tread on the bottom that looked like part of a tractor tire!...he fell in love with the girl that sold him the sandals...and now they've been married since my birthday, 1976, and have 4 kids! How many of us have a life that works out like that!! Nahh, he paid his dues for it, as far as starting his businesses and everything. He told me yesterday that he & Mom, & his son had gone out to a fairly new 'assisted living' home, here in town, and after they took Mom back to the nursing home, Bro went back and put a deposit down for a room for Mom, when she's ready!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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