Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Nov 20, 2nd post...

Wow, do I ever feel SO MUCH BETTER after that last post!! I spilled my freakin' guts about everything! (geez...I hope really bad nobody knows that language...I'm not even gonna say what one it is!).
Do you even believe that big fat, hairy beast taking up most of the queen size bed?? He doesn't look happy right there because I took this picture about 4:30 AM, with a flash, and woke his lazy comfortable ass up!! heheheh!
I actually almost adopted another cat yesterday. Tif's friend's apartment suddenly went animal-free, and she and her daughter maybe she's five yrs old, had to get rid of their cat. They brought her over yesterday afternoon to meet me & see if Truman got along with her (her name's Sophie). She's a beautiful cat, female, spayed, front declawed...however...as soon as Tif's friend took her out of the carrier....PHHHTTTHHH,PPPHHTTTHHHH-GROWL-WAHHHH-RRRRRRR!!!! From BOTH of 'em!! Tif thinks Tru started it, I think Sophie hissed first, but, whatever! Nobody in this house touched Sophie, and the friend got her back in the box immediately!! So the friend had to take Sophie to the animal shelter. I told her not to worry, someone will adopt her quick, since she's got all the stuff done. After all, that's where Truman (aka: Pretty-Boy) came from about 8 years ago! Yes, I picked him out...mostly cuz he was pretty...but also cuz I was on my knees looking at the cats there, and he just walked up and walked up my legs, and I ended up flat on my back on the floor, while he was on top of me sniffing my face!! So, actually, to be truthful...he picked me!
Well, today'll be my second day of iv's! And it didn't really start hitting me with the 'speedy' feeling until last night around midnight...so, no sleep for me, between the steroids and the big purry hairball last night! But...I thought ahead, and got a homemade lasagna dinner delivered about 7, cuz I knew I'd get hungry, but wouldn't want to make anything! So, for a huge chunk of lasagna, garlic bread, and a tossed salad, well, Bellacino's won't deliver under $10.00 (can you believe that order only was about $8.50?). When I was giving my order to the girl on the phone, I just told her to add as many M & M cookies to it as I needed to get the order over $10...I got three, and each one is as big as two hands!! And I'm in the middle of the first, and damn, is it good!!
The girls from across the street came over Sunday and they got the 2 little Christmas trees put together and we put one in here (the big room in the middle of the house, that used to be the dining room, til I needed the table moved out of the middle of the room). And one is in the living room...yup! The upside-down Christmas tree, which I will put a picture of it on here in December. Both trees I got came with lights on them, and the upside-down tree has Christmas ornaments on it!! And each of them was only $20.00! And Tif's gonna come over & help me put up our big tree in the corner of the living room. So I'll have three trees up this year...the nurse that's coming for the three days for these iv's has SIX in her house, even a little one in her bathroom!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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