Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday night...

That's the BEST car in the world, the 94 Geo Metro! Well, I don't know for sure if that's a 94, but it looks exactly like the one we bought new in 94, same color, and all! Honestly, it WAS a great, 3-cylinder! car, I know everyone makes fun of them, but it was perfect for me! All I wanted it for was to drive 5 miles a day out to GTE, and work there 8 or 9 hours a day, and come home, who needs a big 'boat' to do that?? It was great, it was a manual (which I liked driving better than an automatic...which even brought the price down more!)...honestly, it was exactly what I wanted for, like, 8 thousand or so...and it had like 12 miles on it when I drove it off the lot!! Originally, I'd wanted a purple one, but the dealership said that would make it cost another 4 thousand...so..not that important! It didn't matter what color, I was gonna be inside it! Honestly, it was my second favorite car I ever had (obviously, the BEST was Rhett, my 83 Mazda RX-7!). The Geo was the original "Scoots"! And all 3 of us went to Myrtle Beach from Ohio and around Myrtle Beach, and back for like $100.00 in gas!! Yeah, gas WAS a lot cheaper then, but you don't really realize it until you write in on here!! I guess my scooter isn't all that bad, all I hafta do is plug it into the wall when I get home, and that charge will last for 7 miles!!
I really liked that joker on Halloween! That was one of the best costumes! Plus the 2 dachschunds (wiener dogs, ya know?)!! Another great costume I saw years ago walking down the street was really scary! It was a Santa outfit, and he was dragging a big burlap bag with 'something' in it down the street, and he was super-ugly...and all I could think was 'That's a body in there, I bet!", cuz he wasn't going to any houses (he WAS probly in his 30's!). And, of course, the last picture is that favorite house that always looked haunted! BTW, the guy with his boy in the last post is Joe.
I haven't been out taking pictures lately...& today, it got totally rainy, and it's supposed to rain all week, and I heard them say on the news tonight that it might be snow Thursday!! Auuuugggghhh! But, I guess it is time for it, we got spoiled this year!
I don't really have anything to write about today, cuz I haven't done anything for a couple days. Well, I talked to Mouse last night, and she was having a helluva time with her new puppy, JJ! And, obviously, since I watch 'Good Times', you KNOW exactly who I think of when I hear her bitch at him for doing something to mess up the house!! HowEVER...she also has SIX, count 'em, 6 cats!! I guess they're all inside/outside cats, because she lives a few miles out of town, but not so far that her next door neighbor's German Shepherd dog didn't get hit last week, I bet that scares the shit out of her! It would me, and I'm not the animal freak she is! She always told me, for the last 20+ years that she likes animals better than people!! And I always liked that about her, that she could actually be honest, like that!!
Honesty IS a rarity in this life, not many people are, especially lately! And it's almost funny, the way lies bite you in the ass without you knowing it, and get around to the people you want to hide them from, isn't it? Almost funny...
I feel like I've done my job for tonight. I just went out and cleaned Truman's box. Grrrr...I hate doing that, but I'd hate to have him outside worse! He used to tell me 'Thank you' in his own special way every day...as soon as I'd get done, he'd crawl over me and pee in the box!! HA...just like a guy...he used to, right?? lol!
It's raining right now, yuck!! At least snow is quiet, and it's like a wonderful frosted surprise when you wake up! I even felt like that when I had to drive an hour to get to work! An hour NORTH, mind you! When the bank's sign across the street used to read 10 degrees lower than where I came from! Most days were fine, the road was plowed and everything...but there were a couple times when it was a 2 hour drive to there...plus, obviously a two hour drive home!! Those were great days, and I know nobody believes that, but they were the BEST!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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