Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday, 11-18...ALREADY!!

Yeah, these are some of the leftovers from Halloween!! Toldja right now I have NO ambition to do anything!!
Joe called today,he was going over to his mom's cabin & gettin it ready for winter. He's nice like that, but, shhhh, dont say I said that!
I was thinking this morning, you know how we always tell kids if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all! Well, I want to add to that...."if you're not going to say something truthful. keep your damn mouth shut!" and "If you promise to do something, do it! If you don't, all you're doing is, well, showing weakness."
Okay, has anyone seen the commercial that the little girl is suggesting "Let's play 'sneeze tag'! Oh, holy crap, that is funny as hell!! Cuz, didn't everybody play " Chinese freeze tag" when they were young? That was the most fun thing we ever did when I was about 6 to 8!! I'd be staying overnight with my best friend who had 7 older brothers & sisters & great next-door neighbors, and as soon as it got dark, we'd go out and play freeze tag & hide & seek in the front yards up & down the block! And always ended up getting yelled at by the guy at the end of the block, across from the big haunted house, cuz we were on his 'lawn'. Not in his yard, on his 'LAWN"! I always had some of the best time of my life at Chris's house when we were little! They had the biggest house I've EVER been in! It wasn't a mansion-type, but it was a huge 3 story with an enormous attic & an enormous basement! So there were plenty of rooms for bedrooms!!
Cleveland Clinic called me Friday, my iv steroids are already set up for Monday, Tues, Wed, this week! The medicine supplier is gonna deliver the solu-medrol Monday in the morning, and a nurse is gonna be here to do the 'pokey-thing' with the iv's starting Monday afternoon! WooHoo! How fast are they?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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