Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunday night!/Monday evening

Okay, this is what got done this weekend!

Tif and bf brought the tree in from out back...cuz last year, she got the lights on exactly right, so we put it away with the lights on it! I was asleep still when they brought it in, so I missed most of it! That's okay, she's really good at this! I've always told her she ought to hire herself out to some of the super-rich people in town, in the great big houses, where they're doing this for 'house look', not with their kids, for fun! Hmmmm...maybe that's where some of the 'commercialism' to kids comes from...although, the parents would never in a billion years admit it!

But, seriously, wasn't that the best, most important part of Christmas when you were a little kid? Getting to go up in the attic (which you never did any other time)!

I always loved decorating the tree...you know, digging through all the 'old-fashioned' ornaments, digging up old ornaments that one of us had made forever ago, and it always had a picture or 2 in it! And since Dad was a pretty big-shot guy at work, there was always a HUGE Christmas party at one of the big theatres here, with all kinds of food & presents....The only thing I didn't like was the fact that all of us 'little girls' (3-5 yrs?)...well, I was NOT the only one that hated those itchy, scratchy, beautiful dresses. And the patent leather Mary Jane's~~! haha!!! I sill remember the red one with the white scratchy collar, with a black velvet 'pinafore' over it, and those white underpants that all little girls had to wear with dresses, cuz they had ruffles on the butt. But we looked like angels you know? For an hour or so...
I hate to say this, but, yeah, it was the
'good ol' days'! I didn't have to think about money, paying the bills, making dinner, shopping for anything, all I had to do was PLAY!!
I need to stop watching 'Leave It To Beaver' & 'I Love Lucy' every nite I guess...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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