Monday, November 05, 2007


Finally!! I SAID I was gonna post them!! The tree at the top left is from my back deck, it's in my next door neighbor's front yard. The 'whatever-it-is' on the right is in my front yard after it got its candy, bottom left is a cute little bunny, and the hand on the sidewalk is kinda heading toward it....luckily, he never saw it!! haha! And there's a group of trick-or-treaters on the sidewalk out there, but...they're out there grouped around a group of people that live a few streets away that live on a one-way street, and got disappointed cuz they weren't getting any trick-or-treaters, and they got together and packed up and headed over here, and checked with us to see if we cared, we said no, so they set up a 'campsite' out by the street (nobody lives in the house there), and handed out all kinds of candy!! Now...that's how crazy about Halloween our town is!!

Okay, I only have a few minutes before the bus gets here, to get my ass going to the's windy as hell outside today!

The girl across the street came over yesterday, just to hang out & bs. That's neat. I had an older friend when I was that age that lived across the street when I was that age, but I was mostly the babysitter for her little baby boy she & her husband just had. She was 27 & I was 12 when we first met...and she was the biggest influence on my teenage years...well, before I realized how much fun it was to 'lead people astray'! Anyway, she and her husband moved to Michigan about 3 years later, and that was pretty much it...but about 10 years ago, I really was wanting to talk to her, and I found her! In a different town, with a different name (divorced & remarried). And, no, I didn't even use the internet! Just called around to MI towns I knew her mom had lived in, and finally found her listing, called her, she was so surprised, and my friend happened to be over there right then! So....blah, blah, blah, but , we're emailing...hell, THIS is how long ago it was...we had WebTV!! Before we ever got a computer!! How many of you started out with that? So, that's kinda the way I think of Aub (that 12-yr old Midget football cheerleader across the street). It's good, I've grown out of the stage of having fun leading my friends astray...good thing...
'kay.. it's getting late...hey, one of my favorite commercials is on..."Abe & the beaver" for Rozerem (sleeping pilll)!
And, it was really strange this morning...I was in the shower & all of a sudden, it was like a radio turned on in my head...and I couuld hear, clear as a bell, Gloria Gaynor, belting out..."...I shoulda changed that stupid lock, I shoulda made you leave your key..." Holy crap, I haven't even heard that song much since 9th grade! Wow! Then I went on to The Pointer Sisters, "We are family...I got all my sisters with me..."(in my head...) that was 8th grade!!~ ...who knows, maybe I shouldnt've read "The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet", by Stephen King right before I went to sleep last night?? ("madness is a flexible bullet"...if you read the story, you understand it!)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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