Sunday, November 26, 2006


First...the t-shirt of the day...well, the picture and the link...

Next...I'm hearing on the news today that much of the violence in Iraq is funded by illegal stuff. Naw!! Say it isn't so!! Good Lord! Is anybody in the world seriously surprised by this?? This isn't 'news''s 'olds'!
Actually, that kinda made me wonder about some other shit. It's been said that the reason the 'Muslim extremists' hate us & want to kill us is because they have so much less than we do, as far as opportunities. Hmmm...maybe, just maybe, when you spend most of your country's wealth on bombs, bioterror weapons, and suicide belts, that tends to limit your ability to build business! Ever think of that? We're not holding anybody down...maybe they're holding themselves down.
Okay...that rant was a long time coming, but I feel ever so much better now...[snark!].
I called Mouse today, and Kev asked, out of the middle of nowhere, "Isn't she the one who was so hot after Stephen Pearcy?" (the lead singer of Ratt). When I told her he said that, we just started dying laughing! Then Kev said..."Well...he didn't age well...". Mouse agreed with that immediately. I guess she saw him on tv or something, and, well...let's just say her days of writing 'I'm me' on her underwear & throwing it on stage for him are over....with a capital O!
Mouse is the best artist I EVER saw...she used to do pencil drawing & paintings all the time, just for wasn't something she ever had to work at, it just happened easily! And I still remember the ones I liked best were a wolf painting, and a pencil drawing of Stephen Pearcy's face and head, that almost looked like a photograph, it was so clear & detailed! She finally did get a job at a doctor's office, but, I can see that it's gonna wear her out like crazy, cuz the dr she works for is a family doctor who works Monday through Saturday, full half days on Wed & Sat, like most drs! But she'll get thru it, I have faith in her. She's just going to have to stick with it, just so she can get the "experience"! I just wish she could get into illustrating or something. ( SHE doesn't wish that too!).
Well...I'm off...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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