Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday nite...

Okay, this kinda sucks...but I did it to myself...I'm nothing if not all about personal responsibility,right? Yeah, I did the link last night wrong, and I meant for it to go to a link to OJ'S new trouble !
Oh,man, I HOPE that works. OK it did! WooHoo!!
But, like I said before...if you personally don't have a miserable bastard in your life, count yourself as one of a very VERY few! So, just insert the name of your choice in there.
Actually, I don't have much to say about anything today. Tif & I went out to Mom's nursing home today to see her. She was sleeping, so we were in her room beside her bed, and trying to wake her up gently (not the way tif did me, when nobody could wake me up, and somebody cld her at work to come home & check...she walked in the door here, and yelled MOM!!!!!! about waking you up!)! Heh...anyway, she opened her eyes & smiled a couple times, then closed em, and she was asleep again immediately! So, Tif and I went out to the hallway, and Patty (the nurse) was there, and I asked her how was Mom, and she said "really good, she's awful tired, cuz she had physiotherapy 4 times today." Ahhhh...mystery solved. Then Patty said she's still not eating as much as she should. I said, maybe you should let her smoke a joint? She laughed and said "there is marinol, which youu have to get from a dr" Be that as it may...I'm on the phone to him Monday asking for that!! (it's a marijuana pill thats THC-free.). But I also got an email tonight from her sister and it sounds like she was awake and alert, laughing at jokes, etc!
All right, gotta some 'soul-searching' to take care of...First lesson-Don't trust anybody!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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