Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday after Thanksgiving!

...believe it or not...this is me & my best friend when he, his brother, and I went to Myrtle Beach on vacation for a week in, I think, 1987?? Goddamn, we looked good! He just emailed this to me today! Wow...He titled it "Remember this?"

Okay...enough of that! I had my "weekend in the country", or I refer to it as the sanitorium...snark!!

Naw, it was a lot of fun, even though we did less than nothing! Well, we talked about investing & mutual funds, & T bills, and all that shit...he's "extremely smart".....(Tom, not me, for heaven's sake!)...He & jr went to Bro's with me for Thanksgiving, and it was a BLAST!! First funny thing was...I knew his house was way out in BFE, and I knew we were on the right road...but I haven't been there for about 2 years! And we pulled in the long driveway of a house, and Tom parked, and as he was unloading my scooter, I said...."I think this is it...". Oh, holy shit!! He just put the scooter down, says "Get on! I don't give a shit if it's the wrong one! We'll just go eat with 'em, anyway!!" lololol! Luckily, it was the right one...Bro came out and picked one of my legs up, Tom carried the other side, cuz the whole front and sides of Bro's house are all stairs! Anyway, we were there from 1 til 6-ish...there were so many of my relatives there, I couldn't believe it! Had to be at least 30 people there! And, yes, they all liked Tom & jr. They got a tour of the house, garage (where Bro's motorcycles are), and the rest of the woods around the house! And when we were leaving, Bro yelled, "See ya at Christmas!!" I'm super looking forward to that!...uhhh, yeah, forgot to tell Bro that yes, I was 'jailbait' when Tom & I first started dating...I was 15 and he was 21...bigger difference then than now, huh?

Pittsburgh is wiping the floor with New England!! Couldn't happen to a more deserving coach, huh?

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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