Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday night again...

How I love the feeling of power and control I get when I hijack a train in a deserted country area...

...luckily, a little whippersnapper showed up to help me, not the terrified passengers!

I just finished watching a great history channel show. It's the 70's, has everything, from Nixon's resignation, to women's starting to work outside the home...until the mid to late 70's, most women didn't have jobs outside the home (my mom never did after she married my dad in 1950!). And then it went on to talk about how it was actually illegal to be gay, and about Studio 54, and the bathhouses in NYC...the cocaine & LSD...Jimmy Hoffa...disco...and all the debauchery...huh...ya ever feel like you just were invited to a party at the last minute, but that, luckily, the next party was just starting, and it was even better? That's my analogy of the 70's/80's...
I got a forward from my friend Chester today, and it's a REALLY neat website!!
This guy just must've had way too much time on his hands! My song is "Come See About Me" by the Supremes.
Well, I got the biggest part of the Christmas presents I'm giving in the mail yesterday...I'm way too broke to buy presents this year, so I got some of the pictures I've taken developed as 8X10's by ofoto online, and I'm getting them framed & matted for people. I like the pictures. And, at least I don't have to worry about running out of ink in my printer in the middle, or the prints accidentally getting printed out crooked or anything!
My Christmas tree is up now, and has all the lights on it (all blue, of course!), I still need to finish hanging the decorations...most of them are the ones Tif made in elementary school!! I love the wood angel cutout with her kindergarten picture pasted on as its face!!! I let Tiffany's friend have our old fake Christmas tree that we had for the beginning of the 90's, because she has a little girl, they don't have a tree yet, and the little girl was all scared that Santa wouldn't come if they didn't have a sad is that?
Just as an aside...I was really glad to see OJ get convicted of the robbery & kidnapping in Las Vegas! Too little, too late...but the judge did well, and told him and everybody else that this sentence had nothing to do with his past problems!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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