Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas shopping's DONE!! (almost...still hafta get Truman something,,,)

Important friends in my life currently...except for the kitten, Tinkerbell, I found another home for her, because, as you can see, Truman looked at her with disdain every time she found something to have fun with!! Like (humph! how stupid kids can be!).
And Tom (my 'gentleman friend'...although gentleman may be a stretch!) & I and his boy's friend on Crybaby Bridge back in October! I was gonna put pix of Tif on here too, but I had so many of her wedding on lately, I didn't...but she's obviously very important (she's my girl! for God's sake!!)
So, last night, we went out to the store that does this kind of 'crafty' stuff in town, and I sent them wandering around the store (for an hour and a half!! they were SO patient!) while I worked with the lady in charge of framing & matting pictures, she's really good! And we picked out frames & matting for all 8 pictures I had....they'll be done tomorrow, and they're gonna be some awesome surprising Christmas presents!! Cuz I've never done anything like this for Christmas before, usually it's a present or gift card! But, you know what? Not only is this about 10 times cheaper for me, it's going to be WAY more meaningful to everybody...including me!! The only problem is that Truman really doesn't give a rat's ass about them, so, I need to find him some catnip toys! Well...he is by all rights a 9 year old boy, so...
Other than that, I'm not doing much of anything, except still trying to gain my weight back. I WANT to gain my 20 lbs back, that I lost a year and a half ago! Some people eat more when their life falls apart at the seams...I, unfortunately, lost my appetite, and it won't come back...not a good thing when you only weighed 108 lbs, like I did from age 19 on! I'm gonna ask my neuro for an rx for marinol, the drug like marijuana, without increase my appetite. My mom took that pill when she was at the nursing home, so I hope my dr will let me try it...since the steroids didn't do SHIT for my appetite this time...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
Sorry..important addendum>>>>>>
TLP just sent me the most AWESOME website! (can you see, I'm a child of the 80's?)>>>>>>>> <<<<<<
I'm listening to Judas Priest "Retribution" now...first I had 80's radio gold...too tame...went to the search, and put in Lita Ford (was my idol way back then!), clicked on "Kiss Me Deadly"...and it's heavenly!! It's total 80's hair bands! From Lita to Poison (I USED to love them till I found out that a slut that was probly in diapers when they were hot went to their concert this year with someone old enough to be her dad!) to Jackyl!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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