Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...birthday stuff... I'm officially in my "mid-40's"!...funny...I don't feel old! Kev's dad came over this morning & brought me a present from him & Kev's mom, & said they still love me, and any time I need anything, call them! I still love them too, they are the BEST! And I've gotten happy birthday messages from a lot of facebook friends, too, & Kev im'd me a happy birthday this morning too, and Tom was just here! Oh, and Joe emailed me a happy birthday in Italian! Wow...I could really get used to this....hmmm...
Also, I just left Bro a message on his cell phone, telling him & his wife happy anniversary...they got married on my 12th birthday...32nd! That's great!!'s something I had hoped would happen for me & Kev too, but...
Tom was just here, too! Damn, "so many men, so little time..."? lolol! Truly, I AM too old for that! 20 years ago though...
Nahhh...Tom is plenty! We're gonna 'celebrate' my birthday this weekend, at his house in the country! I really know it's my birthday...Bro just called back to say happy birthday...and UPS just dropped off an awesome wall plaque! Thanks, Jill!!
It's either my birthday, or I'm gonna die soon, and everybody but me knows it!... neuro's office called in an rx for something to make me hungry, so, I'll get that tomorrow and, hopefully that will help!!
I have a half gallon of peppermint stick ice cream in the freezer, it's calling me today! I remember, because that's not available all year, when I worked at grocery stores, and wrote orders for the frozen food dept too, I always ordered a few gallons extra of that, and hid it in the freezer, in the back room, so I had it all year! yeah, I was sneaky...but I always bought it in the summer, so Tif and I always had it!! I guess that was a "perk", right??
Chester, my friend from the Fostoria store, emailed me yesterday too. And I think I have friends all around the world...she puts me to shame...she has friends in England that she's gone over to play golf with!! 'Course, she played golf all the time with an ex-boyfriend of mine up there, too! He was really cute when we went out, had the dark hair, hairy chest, fast motorcycle, and all that...but he was all about "marriage & kids", the last thing I wanted to hear when I was 23!! I'm glad I got out right then! And now he's fat, too! (is that what marriage & kids did to you, Kevin? (yeah...Kevin #3!)) Chester still plays golf with him, that's neat!
Well, I'm gonna go take my 3pm nap!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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