Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday after Christmas... anybody back yet?? Hallloooo! hehehe!

I hope everybody had a magical Christmas, too, or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year!! Obviously, I started with my birthday...and, also as obviously, Luke was the Christmas dog at Tom's! We had a great Christmas, it's just been a long one!!

The pic of me & Tif is at Bro's house. There were probably 25 people there, and that was mostly his wife's family! Bro does Christmas dinner right, rib! And everything else! This was the Christmas for pictures as presents, though! And nobody knew about anybody else's! Bro's 4 kids, ages 17 up to 30-ish, got together and had a photographer come out to their house in the woods and take pictures of them together all over, and they had the best one printed on canvas & mounted on the stone wall over the fireplace! And they had the rest in a book! That was about the best present they could've gotten for them! Bro & his wife had no idea they were doing this, cuz they were in Arizona when they got the pix taken!! And Bro's wife did scrapbooks for 2 of the girls, and the one for the oldest girl had pictures in it of me & Kim with her when she was little! And my oldest brother (Psycho!) made up a scrapbook from one Mom had in her's & Dad's basement...he said it was already in a book, but the cover was getting black mold on it, so he took all the pages apart, and put them in chronological order, and everything! That was really a neat thing for him to do! The book starts back in 1948, before Mom & Dad got married in 1950 (there's even the write-up of their wedding from the local paper up there!), and goes forward til after I was born in 1964! There were all kinds of cool things in there! Like, ummm, hotel receipts from the hotel they stayed at for their honeymoon in Niagara Falls, receipts for $9.50 a night!! And there were all kinds of mushy cards to each other (an awwww moment for all!), and pictures of Mom at a beach, and she looked SO good! She looked exactly like one of the models from the 50's! Oh, and Dad's draft cards from the 40's were in there too! Wow!! G did a LOT of work to put that together!! I gave Tif & R 2 8X10's from their first dance that I took & had them framed & matted; and a gift card for Sears that I know they'll use! I got 2 8X10's of me & Tom framed & matted, & a couple things for jr.

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