Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009!

Christmas at Bro's again...this dog is Bro & wife's, I think her name is Abbie

And this dog is my oldest niece's...her name is Winnie (the dog, not my niece!)...I guess she's just like me, always cold, that's why she's wearing a shirt!!

And this is a shot that hasn't been taken in years, me & my 2 big brothers!!

That was so cool! Bro & I actually look so much alike that when I had my last produce management job here in town, I was out on the floor doing an order or something, and a woman across the aisle (a big aisle, like 30 feet across it!), said loudly to another woman "I think that's Libby, D's little sister!". I turned & looked, and she looked vaguely familiar, & I said yeah I am! Turned out that she was one of Bro's friends from high school that used to hang out with all of his friends at our house when I was little! (remember, he was 11 when I was born!). That's why I like this town, I guess, it's "mine"...
So...I've been watching the shows about The Seven Deadly Sins on the History Channel. It's really neat! I think I have one; sloth. But, they've found that a surgical stimulation of "area 25" in the brain lifts depression & gets rid of laziness, in people that antidepressants like Prozac don't work. Hmmmm....nahhhhh...Cymbalta is fine for me, I'd rather not have anybody poking around in my brain with a wire, thankyouverymuch. Besides, I'm not "slothful" unless it's winter! I guess I'd qualify for the seasonal affective disorder, if anything. And I really could do with just a touch of "gluttony", since I'm still around 90 lbs! But that's my New Year's Resolution, to GAIN weight! I am going to get my 20 lbs back in the next few months! So, how backward is this? How many other people are making the resolution to gain weight this year? lol. Well, I don't have greed, or envy...anger, now, yeah, that one comes and goes, depending on who I'm thinking about! Actually, wouldn't "lust" fit into that category too? Geez...maybe this is something to contemplate another day...
I was awake last night sitting here watching what used to be the channel that had crimes & stuff, ya know. Anyway, at 4 am an infomercial came on for a Time/Life collection of songs from the late 70's & 80's, and I had to stay up & watch that! I'd almost buy it, but I already have most of those songs on the computer, I just need to get off my lazy "slothful" ass, and make playlists!! But does everybody remember "Babe" by Styx?? And all the REO Speedwagon songs?? "I can't fight this feelin' anymore, I've forgotten what I started fightin for..." etc. They are the songs of my life! Late 70's, early 80's...every song they had on reminded me of what guy I was with at the time, even Meatloaf's songs! And Billy Squier, and even The Who, Rush...auuuggghhhhh! I remember when REO was here & played at the Popcorn Festival. We used to have good groups like that play, and it's a free concert on a stage at a main corner downtown. One of the last was Gloria Estefan. Now they just don't seem to be that good of groups anymore. I'm still thinking about the playlist I'm gonna make for this...Heart...Bob Seger...Boston...Cat Stevens...Yes...Fine Young Cannibals...Journey...Murray Head...Rod Stewart...Foreigner...alright, enough!
Anyway, that's a start...

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