Sunday, January 11, 2009

discovering an unknown lurker in my basement!!

Yeah, here I go again...but, damn, it was the perfect day, and quite memorable!

...and this is the "2-holed outhouse"...but one of the kids wouldn't sit on the second seat in there..."Dad! It's embarrassing!! hahahahaha!!

Yup...a child's dream backyard...the wood thing in the background is a pirate ship they built together a few years ago.

Well, I'm really disappointed that we didn't get the snow we were supposed to get this weekend! Tom called me today around noon...I stayed home this weekend on purpose because we were supposed to get 5 or 6 inches of snow!! Did we? Hell, no! Just a little snow, then freezing drizzle, then tonight, it's going to freeze it all again, so it's just all ice!! When Tom called, all I did was bitch & whine & piss & moan about how I'm sick of guys lying to me about how many inches I'll get...and, yes, he had a good comeback, but I won't take myself down to his level to repeat it here (that kinda tells you it was pretty good, doesn't it?).

Oh, I hafta tell everybody about my basement lurker, who scared the crap out of me a few days ago when I opened the basement door to look down there after I heard something.

I was smelling cat pee for the whole day before, and I had cleaned Truman's box that night, but that wasn't exactly what it was...if you're a cat person, you probably already know where this is goin'. Truman's been extra-clingy the last couple days, I think he knew what was going on! Well, that day, I was wondering if there was a problem with the drains down there, since there was back in October. I can't go down the basement steps or anything (I fell down them once years ago, luckily Kev still lived here then, & we were still in love, so he carried me up...)...anyway I opened the door in the kitchen to take a look (or a smell), and as soon as I pushed the door open, I saw a great big dark shape at the top of the steps! Then it went down a couple steps and I was able to see was a big dark cat! My first thought was that Truman had gotten down there somehow, so I said loudly & sternly, "Truman"! Then I remembered that, as I had walked into the kitchen, he was beside me and had swung off to the right to go hit his personal poop palace out in the laundry room. Holy shit...that's when I screamed and slammed the door again! And locked it too. Is that overdoing it? I called Tom to ask him to stop over after work before he went home, so he could look down there and make sure it was gone and couldn't get back in. He stopped by, and there was a window down there that had been partly busted out a long time ago. Tom made sure the cat was gone, then fixed the window up, and said what I smelled was the fact that this was a male cat & he'd been coming here and spraying inside the basement, right by the kitchen door!! So he took some bleach & some Pine-Sol down, and now my life is calm again! But it still isn't snowing.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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