Sunday, January 18, 2009

global warming? bite me~!!

Yeah...this is "my man"...and, yes, he is truly irresistable!! I DARE you to say no to him! Especially when it's like this outside, and all Truman wants is to cuddle under the blankets in your bed with you!'s good, this weekend...Actually, I just woke up again (it's 2:08 am! Sunday) and The Truman Show is on! This is an awesome movie, and if you've never seen it, I highly recommend it! I think that's actually where Tif came up with Truman's name! It's a movie from 1998, but since we never went to the movies, just saw them on videos that we rented, that must have been when we saw it, in 2000, we adopted Tru in May 2000! We loved that movie!

Global warming? Maybe somewhere...but certainly not HERE! This is the coldest weather central Ohio has had in five years! To me, that says it's colder here now...but, I dunno, I'm not a scientist.

Actually, it's now tolerable...ever since Thursday night, it's been getting colder & colder...we had a 'wind chill warning' Friday morning...not just a wind chill advisory, which we get a lot in the winter, but a wind chill warning! My furnace has been running nonstop since then! I'd be screwed if my electric went out! Because, not only has my heat been set at 74 (as usual!), but I've had my disc heater on sitting on my walker about 4 feet away from my bed! I've been in my bed under the covers almost 100% of the time since Friday, with trips to the bathroom & kitchen thrown in! So I've done nothing all weekend but sleep & eat & watch tv! And think, which can be a dangerous thing...

Like, what's 44? Just a fuckin' number...except to some people, it's more than that...sometimes it's, like an email address, or an age, or geez, how many people you may have sex with this year...actually, I've found that what makes you look "old" is the fact that you try to hang out with people a lot younger!

Like, I thought Barack Obama was wanting "change". But here all of a sudden, we're paying God-knows-how-many-billions for his inauguration! WTF?? Yeah, I suspended my partisanship to give our new president a new try...but, now, he's slapped me in the face with it! In my not-so-humble opinion, he's taking horrible advantage of the taxpayers for this! We're in the worst financial & jobs crisis of our lifetimes! As taxpayers, we're already paying more tax dollars than I can count for "bailouts". Yes, it is a historic election...but Barack ought to remember that it's also a historically bad time in our financial life and no jobs, etc!! I'd think much more of him (Democrat or Republican) if he took his oath of office privately, without all the pomp & circumstance!

Yeah...that "tweaks me" just a tad...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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