Friday, January 23, 2009

..lots of stuff to think about,,,& my gorgeous baby girl i had 25 + years ago.....

Okay...I'm comparing my old pictures of me with Tif's at approximately the same age and she did look a lot like me! Except I couldn't afford a lot of the expensive stuff for Tif to wear that I used to get. However, when Tif was a baby, Mom & Dad bought a lot of good clothes for her...Tif & I still think that she was 'the favorite granddaughter', even
though she was the second of four granddaughters (simply cuz Bro just would NOT stop having kids! lol!).
And the envelope from a letter to Santa was in with the stuff that Bro & his son brought over the other day!
Speaking of people who have lots of kids...

I hooked up with a friend from 8th grade on Facebook...she and her husband got married right after college, and they have eleven kids!! Wow!! They have ten daughters and one son somewhere in the middle!! Can you imagine the hell that poor boy is going through all his life??? hahahaha! Two of the girls are in college already, and the third will go in a few, again. The bills for their education will be astronomical, not to mention their weddings!! I always have remembered her as a "kind" friend, because she was, well, rich, and went out of her way to be nice to people like me, who weren't in her

"social class". I was kinda a "hood" & a troublemaker & a smartass. I know...what a shocker, huh? But, hey, I always got A's...that was just how it was...
And I still love that picture of me & Tif when she was about 10 months old, & I was 19 or 20, and had just taken Tif & left my first husband!
Oh, geez, I forgot to say! Tif was here the other day, and was telling me about the Christmas party in Columbus she and her husband won tickets to. They met Katie Perry (I Kissed A Girl) and Nick LaShea (Jessica Simpson's ex). I don't know what the party was for. I do know Nick's from, like, Cincinnati or Dayton or something. Well, so was Jerry Springer, too...ergghh...
I was calling around to a bunch of banks today, just to find oout what cd's are paying right now and I got a whole 'myriad' of interest rates, anywhere from .25% to 1.75%! Holy crap! How could they change that much?? But I AM starting to understand this stuff though, the difference between an I bond & a T bond, and a of these days, I'll work on Wall Street.....(smirk!). Naw, this is just stuff I should have learned in high school!
Did anyone watch the new tv show "Lie To Me" on Fox last week? That's going to be a good show! I like a lot of shows lately, like that one, House, The Mentalist, Fringe, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, Cold Case, damn, there's just tons of good stuff! Actually, thinking about it, I'm not into all the action stuff, but, give me anything that makes me think, and I'm happy!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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