Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Wow...this is so fun, I'm sidetracked from making my playlists on here...look at why! Here and here and here, and, oh, and how 'bout this?? Holy crap...I forgot how much in love with Lou Gramm I was!! For God's sake, his was the very first picture I put up on the wall of the back room in the very first produce department I was the manager of!! Of course, it was right after my first divorce...back when Tif was only a year old, and I was the ripe old age of 20...this was his picture from Playgirl magazine. And I only put up the tasteful top half of him!! I guess that's where my love of long hair & guitars came from! Well, I was a big fan of this song too, but, obviously, there's no long hair or hot guy involved here.

I forgot to say anything about my New Year's Eve! We didn't party or anything, Tom & jr & I drove down to the First Night Columbus celebration. It's a bunch of places in downtown Columbus that are open & have something going on, like COSI (center of science & industry...fascinating place!), and a few of the places downtown had bands, jazz bands & stuff. We had a pancake & sausage dinner at one of the hotels downtown that was doing this, and then we went back outside cuz we wanted to see what was going on, but not much was. Because, of course, it was so bitterly cold out!! Really, it was below 10 degrees, and windy as hell! Wind chill was way below zero! We walked around for a few minutes, then going back to a bridge over the Scioto River, we met a new year's eve parade of about 1 or 2 hundred people walking through town, escorted by the police! being us...I was on my scooter, they were walking, we went out and joined the parade of people that were walking, clapping, yelling "Happy New Year!", just acting like complete happy fools, ya know? And then we got back to the center of Columbus in time to watch the lighted ball on the thing that's like Times Square's drop, get/give New Year's kisses & hugs, & turn and hurry the hell back to the car and get in it so we didn't freeze to death!!

Also...I saw my ms doctor again Monday, and talked about how sick as hell I am of getting shots, and Tom was trying to get me off all my medicine, which is NEVER going to happen! Once I started having grand mal seizures, I'm never going to not take my one Lamictal anti-seizure med again! Even though I only have had a seizure when I've had some kind of infection (bladder, kidney, or sinus!), it doesn't matter. I live alone, and, luckily, someone's been here every time to call 911, cuz I'm totally unconscious when that happens! Besides getting that gone over, I got weighed again, and, guess what!! I'm back up to 100 lbs!! Yippee!! And, yes, she got me talked into getting back on the Rebif shots 3 times a week. That really sucks, but, I guess I should, since I've taken interferon by a shot at least once a week for 14 years, and I'm still able to walk with my walker. I still don't know for sure if that's because of the interferon or not, but...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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