Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seven randoms from Kimmy's blog...again...

Now, this is winter!! And, I guess there's an inch or two of ice under this, but, since I don't drive...

Well, Tom was here the day before this hit, and was taking me out to the bank, so I could get cash for the pizza deliveries I knew I'd want for the weekend, and to Certified to get choc milk & orange juice...(& cigarettes! you know, the necessities!)...anyway, I was in my manual wheelchair on the deck
while he came back inside to get something I'd forgotten, and I'm sure all he heard was the loud "Wahh-HOOOO!! as I rolled myself over to the start of the first downhill slant of the ramp, and then let go, and went sliding down the first 'hill', into the big pile of snow at the turn to go down the second 'hill'!

That was almost as much fun as a rollercoaster!!
Today Tif & her husband came over to pick up a pair of her old snow pants, cuz they were going over to the Mad River place, he was going to teach her how to "snow board"! That's gonna be fun! She just called & said the Columbus news station was there with their cameras filming everybody, so I'll be seeing Tif in her neon green & black jacket on the news tonight!! Neat!
Okay...after all that...I'm taking Kimmy's next quiz on her blog (she's the BEST!). You have to tell 7 random things about yourself. Well, I think I'm going to do the same thing she did, I'll just say 7 random things from my childhood.
1. When it was this snowy outside, those were the Sundays I loved to go to Grandma's! Because there was a HUGE hill in the back of Grandma's house, and we all knew how much fun it was to roll down that in the summer, but, in the winter, OMG!! If you couldn't find a 'sled' anywhere, you used whatever you could find to slide down on, whether it was a broken-down car hood from behind the barn (this is a farm way out in the country), or a big ol' tractor tire that we scrunched up in the middle of, and everybody tried to ROLL you down the hill! That's why the snow was necessary...soft landing, you know?
2. And if you "sledded" too far, and went too slow, you'd end up in the 'crick' down at the bottom of the hill, and if it wasn't frozen solid, you ended up wet & cold & crying, & stormed your little 'haughty' butt in the house, to sit against a radiator, and get warm, & fussed over by all the grown-ups inside & eat Grandma's homemade cookies (I liked the macaroon ones best!)
3. When I was in 8th grade is when I started getting some self-confidence & all my smartass-ness started then...and that's when Kim & I became 'BFF' (well, it had a good 30 year run, anyway...). She didn't exactly cause it, but she sure as hell didn't discourage it, either! It was what started me being a total smartass...when you see your friend pee her pants laughing because of what you said, how could you NOT go with that??
4. There was one guy that picked on us so bad in middle school (I think he started the whole feud!), that we had to make it our personal mission to 'get him back' every day. People loved to be in a class that we were all in (art & history!)...oh, did I forget to mention, he was very fat. Very fat. In today's language, I'm sure he'dve been obese. Like Fat Albert-type, if he stood near you and lifted his stomach up, and you were unfortunate enough to be under it, I'm sure you'dve ended up looking like a pancake (or a slinky!). He always was pissed at the world, and now that I have a brain, I understnd why, but at the time, we just thought he was a crab! He always called Kim "watermouth". When a teacher asked him why he called her that, he said "'Cause her mouth is always running!" lol!
5. So once in art class, we were ironing something on shirts, and we were unfortunate enough to be sitting at one of the big long tables on stools across from him. All the irons were plugged into outlets above the tables. And Randy got up to go get something, and Kim looked around 'furtively', and unplugged Randy's iron. He came back and sat down and was sittin' there, ironing away. Everybody else in the class was holding their shirts up and showing off their handiwork, and still Randy's sitting there ironing furiously, as if his life depended on it! Until he got really mad, and threw the iron on the floor...and that's kinda when he realized that his iron had been unplugged. And that's when the fight started...
6. My house was the one everybody wanted to come to after school, especially in grade school! Cuz my mom was the quintessential 'room mother', she was always the room mother for every class I was in, and she was just damn good at it! This was in the early 1970's, and a lot of other people's mom's were just starting to go get jobs and stuff, but my mom was what she always wanted to be; a good mom, good wife, stay at home, make dinner every night, play with her kids, I even remember seeing my mom darn socks!! How many people have EVER seen that done??
7. I was so spoiled that I went to the YMCA 3 times a week for a couple of years to take swimming lessons (which was something I ended up getting really good at!). I remember one of the first times I was there to swim, there was a 'viewing room' where all the moms sat in & watched down at the pool while their kid was swimming, and mom told me once that a little boy asked his mom "why didn't that one little boy's color come off in the water?" Remember, this was late 60's/early 70's, and this is a pretty small town, and black people weren't around very much. Still, even I wasn't that stupid at age 6! C'mon!
And I'm turning it over to all of you to maybe tag yourselves!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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