Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my mind is STILL all over the place!

This is one of Truman's 'kitty-porn' pictures (yes, there really is a website called that, and yes, many cats 'pose' for it!)...problem is...there's no money in it! Yes, I would 'prostitute' Truman out, okay?

And this is Tif, years ago, when she was getting ready to go out 'clubbing' with her friends!

The three self-evident truths in life that I've been misguided enough to forget over the last 5 years...

1. Never date an insecure man. They are the ones who will cheat because
boosting their little deflated ego is more important than really hurting someone.

2. Abuse of trust is more a violation than physical abuse.

3.When someone doesn't see if from your perspective - it's because they are not interested in seeing it from your perspective.

Yeah...these are really important things to remember...always!

I've been thinking about EVERYTHING lately! There's just a ton of stuff going on in my life...and in the politics realm, which I usually don't blog about here, but I'm breaking my own rule for a couple of things...

First of all...who could EVER not have an opinion about Blagojevich?? What a fuckin' idiot this guy is!! To me, it's no wonder that his approval rating in Illinois, where he IS the elected governor, and he'll NEVER let you forget it, is at 7%!! My God, George W Bush was really low, but it never got even close to that!! In my opinion, that's why Blago is skipping his own impeachment hearings, and is in Manhattan, hitting all the national shows he can, because obviously nobody in Illinois likes him, but "hey...maybe if I get my message out to the country, people will like me SOMEWHERE and maybe they'll call their senators, and..." holy crap, how humiliating this whole thing must be for President Obama, and the whole state of Illinois!! If it keeps up, it'll be the whole United States!

The other political thing I'm pissed off is that Timothy Geithner was confirmed as the US Treasury Secretary today...if this economy needed one more kick in the ass to get it rolling downhill, they picked the right guy. After all, who better to put in charge of the treasury than a guy who didn't pay taxes for 4 years!! Where are our US senators' heads?? Or, as Mary, my friend from Chicago likes to say is my favorite quote..."Off with their heads!!" Seriously...how could anybody feel that he is the best person for the job?

Okay...I'm done with my political rant (for now, anyway...LOL).

My "good and great" friend, KimmyK , sent me questions to answer...actually, I volunteered for them, knowing that I might hate myself in the morning (hasn't EVERYBODY done something like that at some point in their life?). So, here goes...

1. Where did the "BoUnCeS!! Libby!" come from?

Well, I guess it come from the fact that I'm a huge, huge tigger fan, always have been, always will be! Anyone who still plays 'Pooh sticks' in the hundred acre woods NOW, and has the hardcover book "The Tao Of Pooh" and "The Te Of Piglet" proudly in their books, well, there's obviously no hope for me to be a mature person...but, damn, I'll be a fun grandma someday!

2. Have you ever owned a dog? If so, what was his name?

I've had a number of dogs, starting with the dalmatian puppy Kevin's brother gave us for Christmas one year when Tif was about 7 or 8...he was okay for awhile, til he got big (75 lbs big! and was as tall as me, could put his front paws on my shoulders!) & fierce, and started biting anyone that did anything he didn't like! When he bit Tif, he was out...but we couldn't find anyone to take him, even for free! (well, they'd take him, but they'd always call the next day asking us to pick him up, he bit someone or growled at someone or was hiding under the car out in the backyard, and they couldn't get him out, even with a food bribe!). And, we were nice, always picked him back up, even when we gave up & took him to the animal shelter, we told them to call us if it ever got to the point they'd have to put him to sleep, we did NOT want that to happen! They called a few days later, & said he was too fierce to be put up for adoption by them, he was still trying to bite everybody there! So...we always picked him back up (but he was never allowed around my beautiful baby girl again!).......anyway, we finally found a couple in Columbus that wanted him...and that was it for Amadeus here!! (yeah, that was his name). Talk about a long road to nowhere, huh? Our last dog was a ourebred beagle, Buffy, who was a great dog, but...we just weren't 'dog people', so when she was a few years old, I put an ad in the paper "free to the RIGHT home!", and people had to come here & meet her, and I/we got to see how Buffy felt about them before we sent her home with them...kinda like an open adoption?

3. What's the biggest misconception about MS that you deal with?

Wow...nobody's ever asked me that! I guess it'd be that the disease is just a disease that always is on the way downhill...and nothing could be further from the truth. Yeah, there's bad days...sometimes so bad that you just feel like it'd just be better for you & everyone if you'd never woke up that day. But a lot of times there's days that are better than anyone could imagine, not usually physically, but mentally. You have absolutely no idea how great it feels to wake up in the morning and KNOW how blessed you are to still be able to stand up and walk (even if it's with a walker with wheels!) to the kitchen, and the bathroom, and even go outside on your scooter if it's not too COLD and too snowy! Plus, if I don't go anywhere, there's always good books to read (or reread!), or Fox news channel, or stuff to learn about on here, or all the friends I've met all over the world that I wouldn't know if I didn't have ms!! You have no idea how much good comes out in people who get this disease in the beginning of their adult life! Shit, there's just too much to say about this question!

4. We all know that Stephen King is your favorite author, which book is your favorite?

Damn, Kimmy! I still have to go back to the first one I read, The Stand. My mom bought that for me to read when I was in the 8th grade, and stayed home from school with the flu. Does everybody get the irony here??

5. The root of all evil is.....?

...wow...damn...just...wow...still thinkin'...yeah, I guess I have to go with an appropriate response here...GREED!
Yeah, that doesn't go with the woman who just linked to capitalistpig.com, but I'm not really talking money here, just people in general who see something that somebody else has & decides they can just take it...or somebody else is doing what they think they should be doing, and they just go and do it, without even thinking about the tears & broken hearts & devastated lives they leave behind. I think more people pray for karma to bite the people in the ass because of greed than anything.
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions. (please make sure I have your email cause that helps when trying to actually email someone)3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. Be sure you link back to the original post.4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.Didja get all that?

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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