Friday, December 19, 2008

weekend before Christmas!!

...Rogues Hollow and Smithville again. Between the two of us, and the kids, we had hundreds of pictures from that day!!

Well, I got the medicine my doctor said will make me hungry, and you know what it is?? Anabolic steroids!! This is definitely NOT like the prednisone I've taken before, these are heavy-duty illegal steroids, like the kind that professional athletes are always getting busted with!!! Tom brought them over from Rite- Aid tonight, and was reading off the side effects to me, and, I swear, he was practically rolling off the chair, he was laughing so hard! "You're going to have more hair on your face than I will!!" I just growled & said "Yeah..or maybe a bigger dick than you, and then you'll be jealous!!" lol...I guess...
I just hope I gain some appetite & weight back!
So, the weekend before everybody ready for it? I am, pretty much, I guess. I still have one more thing to get for Tif & R, and Truman's catnip stuff, & something for Tom's boy, but pretty much, I'm done!
Oh, and guess what! The plaque I got for my birthday was NOT from Jill! It was from an 8th grade friend's mom, who I haven't seen for about 5 or 6 years! And I haven't seen that friend since like 1983 or so!!
I had a pizza delivered from Donato's tonight, and the delivery guy was the one who's here so often that he walks in and yells out "Hi Truman!" Yeah..I never suggested I've ever been little miss Susie Homemaker. However, my uncle sent a recipe to Tom in my Christmas card that he liked at Thanksgiving, does that count for anything? ;-D Tom's a good cook, especially if it's stuff out of his garden! He makes awesome chili, spaghetti sauce, all that stuff.
We're gonna be at Bro's house in the mid-afternoon for Christmas, and we'll be at Tom's dad's sometime that day...just gonna be all kinds of stuff to do...heck, even the lady that runs the antique store said we should stop over there too! Huhh...I'm surprised, cuz I still have the book "Heidi" that I borrowed from the store forever ago! I've been done with it for months, but I never know when we're gonna stop in there, and every time I mention it, & apologize for not having returned it yet, she always says don't worry about it!
Oh hell, I almost forgot! I got a birthday cake that evening! Tom & jr stopped back over on their way home from school & work, and brought a cake from a store that said Happy Birthday Libby on it...and someone had written 26th in there! I guess I asked for this, seeing as how I told jr back in August that I was birthday=another year!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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