Sunday, July 19, 2009

okay, no more smoking...

This is the best looking sky I've seen all summer!!

And this is just a parky kind of thing, it just looked peaceful.

And this is where I used to go across the tracks to my boyfriend's house when I was 15...and then be trying to come home after I was supposed to be home at night, you know? I learned one very , very, very important lesson when I was 15, and late getting home...Nothing in the world will make you as frustrated as standing at the railroad tracks, and knowing you're already late getting home, and you're going to be in trouble, but you can't do shit about it because there's a train going in front of you within arms length...and you're STUCK there! Even worse...the train is going slowly...very slowly...but not quite slow enough for you to have the guts to hurry & climb between the cars & cross the tracks. I pondered that many times, but, stayed chickenshit! Well...I stayed alive too...
Another movie was on this weekend that I sat and watched at 8 Saturday night..'My Cousin Vinny'! That was on TNT or A&E...and most of the day I watched '16 & pregnant' on MTV! Holy crappoli!! Sorry to say, but, our civilization is slowly sliding back into the primordial ooze...I know that Tif & I werent nearly that stupid when we were 16!! I've done some really stupid shit, but, come on! Guys are stupid too, but they're also cunning & opportunistic. No matter what the age! 'True Lies' is on right now too, but I'm writing on here & playing brainless games & listening to Big Brother! oops...did I accuse someone else of being stupid??
Alright, dear blogging "bosom buddies", can you answer me this? I know everyone has known somebody like this, so don't deny it!
Why do we all know that person who has shit on everyone, in some cases not just shit on them but also stood on top of them and ground it in...but, no matter what, everybody is still their friend? But you know that if you did a tenth of that to anybody, you might as well dig a hole & bury yourself in it?
Yeah, yeah, I know, the meek will inherit the earth and all that shit...but I'm really not meek at all...I'm too nice, that's all. Cain's gonna rise up someday, I'm just sayin'...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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