Wednesday, July 15, 2009

still fighting...

Today I had to go see my neuro. She's exactly who I need, I guess...she'll kick my ass if I don't do what she says (like quit smoking..."everytime you think about having a cigarette, do some of these leg exercises, or you'll end up wasting away in a nursing home!" Dear God. Okay...I don't have a clue where I'll end up, but I damn sure don't want it to be there!
She's running all kinds of blood tests, and the one I think I really need is the thyroid...I haven't studied up on that yet, but when she saw I'm still around 90 lbs, & I'm not hungry, but I do eat at least 3 times a day, just cuz I know I have to put weight back on! And I'm always a little cold, but I always just think that's because I'm so thin! I dunno. And after she came out with that little 'nursing home' zinger, she hugged me & says "I'm so glad you feel better, I was scared!" :-/
I met a really neat guy in the lobby at the clinic. He looked at my scooter & asked how many MPG's it gets. I laughed & said I think it depends on how fast I go. He was neat to talk to, he's an area supervisor for Speedway, & he's in charge of the whole midwest area (WI, MI, OH, KY...), and we talked about how you either love working retail or you hate it, there's no in between. True! I loved it, but hated when I got the 9 to 5 Monday through Friday office job at the phone company...*puke!*
I do need to get out & get some Ensure...Maybe I'm weird, but I actually like those, especially the strawberry long as they're refrigerated! She wants me to drink 3 a day, + eat all my regular food. And she's going to try to get a person that needs Avonex (the once a week shots I used to be on). They cost about $2,000.00 a month without insurance, and I'm sitting here with about a 4 month supply in my refrigerator. And I already paid my co-pay for it. I got my last delivery of it right before Biogen called and we started working on getting Tysabri. How's that for ironic? Of course, I may want to keep a month, just in case I decide Ty's not working for me, after I give it six months.
Okay...gotta go love all over my man, Truman.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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