Sunday, June 08, 2008

...a hot as in HOT!!!!!

These people have the most amazing trees in their backyard! This would be a perfect Christmas tree, wouldn't it??

And I have absolutely no idea what these bushes are, but, they 'sure do look purty, don't they?' (Walton's quote)

This was the "penny candy store" that we always stopped at on the way home from middle know...we always had "leftover lunch money"
This is just a pretty bush on the corner of the street/alley I go down when I go west!
I think this is next door to that huge house I had on here the other day...

So, how's everyone's weekend been? Mine's kinda biting the big one cuz it's too hot & humid out now...I really don't like to try to go anywhere when it's TOO cold, but...I guess this is why I love October so much! I used to like extreme weather before ms...but, now.. pee-shaw!
Hey, I have an 'opinion question' for everyone, okay?
Say you've been 'addicted to' a certain kind of candybar for, like, the last twenty years. Well, all of a sudden, this different kind of candybar (a high fat one!) just seems to JUMP OUT in front of you, screaming, "Eat ME!". This one isn't exactly a brand new one or's actually been around for awhile, say, since your DAUGHTER was born. But all of a sudden, it's right the fuck in front of you, no matter where you go. You stick with your old favorite for a few weeks/months, whatever...then all of a sudden you decide to grab the 'new one', and take a huge bite! And, from now til forever THAT one's your favorite!! You go out to your car, and grab any leftover trash from your 'former' favorite, drive to a dumpster and get rid of, if that was a PERSON, with feelings and all...HOW could you do that?? (hypothetical ethical situation of course...
Just asking for helpful opinions....

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