Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, well, I kinda boogered it up by putting two of the same pictures on here...but what better two to do, huh?
It's SO hard to believe that Tiff & Tru's pictures are from 7 years ago! Why in the world does it hafta go so friggin' fast??

Yeah, I know...I sound like an old lady...I'm having a "melancholy" week here...(don't I sound smart when I use big words like that??)

I have a question for y'all....(and don't I sound like an idiot when I use that??)
Does it seem to anyone else that 'midlife crises' happen to men more often than to women? I'm talking about major midlife crises, where a guy leaves his wife of 20 years for a slut who is nearly his kid's age. I think I hear a lot more of that happening than I do the other way around. I mean, I hear about women having midlife crises, (God, don't I know those happen!) But, for some reason, women seek help in the right ways (counseling, antidepressants if needed...). Guys seem to run...and, more likely than not, it's to a very much younger woman, as if he can make up for 'lost time'. I mean, so young that he's old enough to be her youngest child's GRANDPA! Maybe a big part of that could be that women handle "crises" better, being that they've usually been the ones that have been through all of their kids' major problems from the terrible two's , to the teenage years. I just don't know. I remember mine! It was dealing with the fact that I was actually 40!! But, I got used to it...after all, WTF else can you do?? Except run away to a 20-some year old man...and who wants to do that?? We've already raised our kids...who wants to do it again??
Opinions, please?

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