Thursday, June 26, 2008

...and what a friggin' start to a new week...

A smowball bush!! I haven't seen one of these since I was a little kid, and we all went to Grandma's farm every Sunday!! Only the one at Grandma's was about twice as big as this one!! And the funniest thing that happened with it was when Boo's older sister got a minibike for her birthday, and she let Boo ride it after a lot of begging by Boo, and she rode it right straight into the bush!!
Here's the promised Japanese maple tree,called a bloodred. Now you can see why I was floored when I saw it!

And I just love the color grouping of these! Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain (it's supposed to! But it was supposed to all day today, too...and you see how it looks!!), I'm going west again, there's plenty of streets down that way, like the Underground Railroad houses are on! 'Course, when I was young (teenager), 'tougher' kids lived in the north & west of town. But, whatever, they were still our friends!
I was down at the Shop & Save grocery store today...stuff is SO cheap there! I mean, their produce, and stuff like Little Debbie snacks, & frozen know, stuff you can get anywhere, anyway. The produce dept looks a lot like the first one I ran! And every time I'm in there, all I can do is think, 'Oh, that shouldn't be there, the colors are all wrong for the rack, in that order'...or...'when they're splitting the case between vegetables & fruits, those are NOT the ones they oughtta use, they should use these, It would look SO much better!' But, no, I don't touch it...I can remember how pissed off I would've gotten!!
Oh, wow, I just turned around and looked out the door, and itis pouring down rain!! Actually, i just heard it thunder, so I'm done on here...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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