Monday, July 25, 2005

second of the day...this is the funny one, first one's politics

So, how pissed does Truman look now that I let a stray kitten in and gave her one of HIS toys from HIS toybox??

Okay...some of the funny of the stores I worked at in the early 90's, I was the produce manager, and my 1st assistant and I used to pick on the 2nd one (of course...isn't that what the senior people do?) So, he was pissed off at us for some reason, stomping all over, and I had an idea that I thought would be hilarious. So I got a great big cup of water, and we propped it on the top of the door to the backroom, where we were. A few minutes later, he came stomping through the door, banging it open with his hand (still pissed about something, obviously), and, of course, my plan worked brilliantly (dont EVER doubt my evilness!). 24 oz of water came dumping all over his head, and he was soaked! Of course my assistant S & I started dying laughing, and rolling around on the hard concrete floor (I thought I was gonna pee my pants!)...until he picked up the big plastic container the water had been in, & threw it at my head! Damn! I never thought a thin deli container could hurt that bad! And when you're a manager, and you've done something like that, you can't go tell the boss 'he threw something at me', cuz then your boss will say 'why?'
Oh, and I was thinking about the time Tiff was telling us she was gonna be the 'designated driver' one night. I went with my first thought for that. "yeah, Tiff, let them get all drunk and then drop them off somewhere far away from their house." I never heard about it, so I guess she didn't, but that would have been good!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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