Monday, July 25, 2005

disjointed thoughts...that mean nothing..., I just got to sit down this morning, and start reading the book I got Saturday, '100 People That Are Screwing Up America'! And it's actually full of truth, no matter what a lot of people try to say! It kinda got me thinking...which, I think scared the CRAP out of Truman (well, not really, but y'all know what I mean!). He was all curled up on the bed with me, and I started telling him what I think. He's the BEST listener in the fuckin' world! Doesn't interrupt, or say, 'well, but maybe...'.Just listens patiently til I'm done, looking at me with his wise face and deep yellow eyes, like he's thinking "Couldn't agree more, sistah!" Unlike Kevin, who always knows what I mean, and puts it into words!
Okay, here goes...I think there are almost 4 political parties in America. There are, of course, Republicans & Democrats. Then there's "Liberals", which are WAY different than Democrats. Then there are the far right-wing conservatives, which are also different from most of us plain ol' white bread Republicans. No matter if you vote for a Republican or a Democrat, you're either going to get too far either way. How'd we get here? The impression I'm seeing from the Democrats is that they're all PISSED all the time! Why? Because their candidates lost the presidential race twice in a row? I just want to shake people like that and bang their heads together, and say, "Just stop! Play nice, or don't play at all!!" (Tiff's babysitter used to use that line, and it worked really well for her? well, she never had to go as far as banging heads...). Now, if you look back in history (I'm not a political scholar, but, pretend with me, ok?)...President John F. Kennedy, who most Democrats revere, went through the same kind of shit with Fidel Castro that we were going through with Saddam Hussein at the beginning of this crap. Eventually, it escalated, and the Cuban Missile Crisis started...people in my generation don't know much about that, but, from what I see, he handled it exactly the same way George W. Bush handled Saddam. So...why has JFK's party become (pardon me a minute) all of a sudden, a group of pansy-ass, whiny screaming babies?Aren't they ashamed?? It seems like, way back, I doubt if I wouldve been a Republican...because, well I thought someone told me they were all for slavery, didn't want women to be 'uppity', that type of stuff. But, wasn't Lincoln the Republican who was responsible for 'The Emancipation Proclamation'? So, I think the Democrats have let the money pull them a LOT farther to the left. Because I have the feeling that if being a Democrat wasn't as "OUT THERE", as it is now, a lot of people would have to sit down and give it a lot more thought as to who to vote sometimes seems like the Republicans are now what the Democrats used to be...whoa, do I get windy when I'm on a topic I'm interested in, or what?

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