Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday again!

Skipped a day...oh well...I was sitting in bed reading...'Nightmares & Dreamscapes', 100 People Fucking Up America (I KNOW that's not the name, but, reading it, I'm sure it was a misprint), the Dean Koontz paperback I got from eBay way back. Kevin just found it in the back of the bookcase, still in the envelope, from January, 2005 !!
And I was looking at some of the magazines we get in the mail, selling stuff (does everyone get them?) This is the monkey that was in the magazine, so I looked it up on their website (the lighter, and a it was actually in the 'kids toys' section. One it just me, or does this friggin' thing look just evil??????? I think he's the reason some of us are afraid of things that are supposed to be FUN for kids (clowns?)...well can you imagine if your parents would've plopped this sucker down in your toybox?? I think he has a ravenous look on his face, like "yeah, the banana is nice, but I think it's only my appetizer...but you look like a tasty little morsel. I'll wait til you're asleep, then..."
And I was reading the 100 reasons...and he had something in there about someone being all for 'reparations', and I totally disagree with reparations being paid. No, not because I'm white, either, before I get flamed. But...if someone was still around, that had been a slave, yes, give it to them...but, that was 140 years ago, so I really doubt that any of them are still here. Black people have gotten every advantage since then, and many have used them well, and gone far. Farther than a lot of white people. Also, if you think about it...who actually SOLD the slaves to our ancestors? Well, here's a hint...they were bought from Africa! Go to THEM for 'reparations'. No, that's not where the money is, huh? Also, keep in mind that some of the people that would be responsible for paying them would be the American taxpayer...many of which are also black.
Sorry...didn't mean to go off on a 'political rant'.
So, Tiffany came home laughing last night, after being out shopping at Wal-Mart with Aunt Kat & the twins...Tiff bought a box of jellybeans in gross flavors! Yep, that's right...there was vomit flavor, booger flavor, ear wax flavor, sardine flavor, probably mold flavor...etc! The same question that we ask about cat food flavors comes to mind. How in the HELL do they know what vomit, boogers, ear wax tastes like?? We thought Jelly Bellies were weird 20 years ago, with 'jalapeno flavor', but, well, this is a little different, dontcha think?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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