Friday, July 08, 2005


Another really great time we had on a vacation,a real one this time...for a week! Not just a weekend! We packed up my little green Geo Metro (a 2-door...and, it was only a 3-cylinder!!). I loved that car, it was so good on gas, and it was just a good car to drive! Plus it was absolutely the very first brand new car I had ever had any say in picking it out, and stuff (you know...I want this, I don't want that, I want this color, I don't like that color). And I drove it off the lot with Kev in the passenger seat & Tiff in the backseat! With, like, 12 miles on the odometer!! And I picked green, to match mine & Tiff's eyes! I had originally wanted dark purple, but, we asked about that, and it turned out that would cost a couple thousand to get one painted that color. And I said 'nahhhhh...I'm just a cheapskate!'. (besides, it wouldn't have matched our!
So we got in the car & headed to South Carolina, Kevin & I in the front seats & Tiffany in the back, just about buried under the stuff we couldn't fit in the back/trunk! So Kev & I were talking to each other a lot, ya know, look at that, look at that,when I looked back to see what Tiff thought about something...she had her headphones of her cd player on and was just be-boppin' to herself ('Mmmmm-Bop' by Hanson!). So we stayed overnight one night on the way there, at just a regular motel (motel 6 or something like that), and Tiff was all tired & bitchy by then, and she was like 'Eeeeeeeewwwwwww....I don't wanna sleep HERE!' I KNEW she'd been around my mom & dad too much! Of course, she WAS 13 or 14 by then, soooooo...
We got to the place in Myrtle Beach we'd had reservations at for about a month, and it was THE BEST! We had a 2 bedroom suite on the 7th floor with a kitchen! And it was right on the beach, with a balcony! So we let Tiff have the front room looking out on the ocean, with the balcony & sliding glass doors and all. We were poking around, and all of a sudden Tiffany yells, "Mom!! It's a STORK!!" My first thought was "Oh, dear God, please let it keep going?" But then we went in her room & looked and it was a great big pelican, and there were a bunch of them hanging around! lol~!! We did everything that week! Played mini-golf, went to the Hard Rock Cafe (I don't think it's even there anymore), the Nascar Cafe (that either...), everywhere! But I think Tiffany's highlight of the trip was going to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum! Some of it was gross, but Tiff would say "Neat! Mom & Dad, c'mere! Look!!" And we walked down the midway a lot!! (and spent a lot of money on the stupid games!). I actually thought about having my bellybutton pierced there, but decided not to when I got a glimpse of the people doing it! (no, I brilliantly waited til we were here...and a guy named 'Fester' did it!!). So, we were there at least a week, then stopped in Darlington (Kev's a Nascar freak, remember?). OMG, I HATE that town, it's just a disgusting, dirty, skanky little town. We rode around and I finally begged 'please, get us outta here?'. Kev did, but said I should probably go at race time, I wouldn't BELIEVE how big it is then! This whole vacation, from central OH to Myrtle Beach, all over down there, & back cost in gas? less than $50.00, do you believe that shit??? This was, I think, 1994!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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