Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 27

Cheating relly sucks, when it's thrown in your face, doesn't it??

...proof of global warming...

Okay, is everyone recovered from Christmas? I was a better one than I'd expected. Actually, today was the end of mine, cuz Bro came over while he was on the way to the hospital to see one of the guys that works for him. That guy has been Bro's friend forever. Actually, his wife was Tif's very first babysitter when she was only 2 mnths old! I'll always remember her, cuz one time when I went to her house to pick Tif up, J was in the rocking chair, rocking Tif. I said 'What's the matter? Is my baby crabby??'. J just smiled up at me, and 'shushed' me, and whispered "No, she's sweet...I just woke her up so I could rock her back to sleep." tell me...was that not an "awwww" moment, or what???

So I was sleeping, well, lazing on & off all morning today, and Bro called & said he was gonna stop by for a while. So, yes, I did drag my lazy ass outta bed (it WAS noon, after all!), and I was out here when he got here! He was bringing my presents over from his house, cuz we forgot them. One of mine is a super-cool hand held toy called 20 Q. I love it! I've been sitting here playing it all day!! It's like a thing that asks you 20 questions while you're trying to 'stump' it...and this damn thing wins so much it's almost spooky!!

And he & his family gave me a gift cert for ebay that'll definitely last all year! I just totally love them, did I ever say that? Everybody must, he's got so many friends that were his friends in high school even! Even out in Scottsdale when he called on my b'day (& his anniversary), he was out riding dirt bikes with one of his friends that lives here and out there! And it's someone he graduated with too! much for all the screaming of the parents about the world going to hell in a handbasket because of 'rock & roll'! Yeah, I guess he was kinda a 'hippie' cuz he always kept his hair longer than Mom & Dad wanted...but "tough cookies", which Bro always said when I was around...I was sure even then that it was a euphemism...
And someone else gave me a carton of cigarettes. Which is nice...(not thinking about quitting right at the moment...I wish I was,'s sucky enough now, so why aggravate it??) ...I just looked up after I opened it, and said "He's trying to kill me, isn't he?". Nahhh, I don't think so. I actually got a gift card to Certified from a friend who knows just how much I go there and 'candy shop'!
And, now I've got a real 'grand-dog'! She's 7 weeks old today, and she's teeny! And clumsy! She tries to run across the floor, and trips over her feet, and does somersaults! She's half Jack Russell, and half some other little dog......I'll put pictures on in the next day or so! Tif named her 'Lily' fits her perfectly!
And Santa loaded me up with Twizzlers (a HUGE box of 'em!!), and hot chocolate flavored Hershey kisses!
I got Tif the pink tool set she's wanted for years...she sat here holding it, and said, "Now I wanna go fix something!" lol!
So, what did everyone else get?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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