Saturday, August 30, 2008

vee-pee pick!!

Sarah! I don't know about anybody else, but I think she is one hell of a good choice for John McCain!! She's one of the type of people that make things happen, and I think she and McCain complement each other! How hard must it have been to raise 5 kids, one with Down's syndrome? Geez, I could
NOT raise 5 kids, be a mayor, then a governor, hunt and fish, ride snowmobiles for the upper-body workout...holy shit, it kicked my ass just to raise Tif and be a produce manager for 10 years! And she was the best
& easiest kid to raise! ONE KID! And, yeah, I know she didn't do all this alone (duh), but she did it, nonetheless, and I admire her more every time I read something new about her! Go look her up, even if it's something on wikipedia (fluff reading! lol).
This is the other side of the backyard, you know, just in case his 7 yr old gets 'bored' riding the train! LOL! He called tonight and they were playing Lego's. And he took me to the antique store downtown the other day and introduced me to the owner, I was just amazed by some of the things she has in there! Tom said he's gonna make sure I get in there with her after her vacation, and I can just look at stuff~! I LOVE antique stuff! But this is the kind of neat stuff we always did! He knows more people than me in town...I tell him, "that's only cuz you're older! when I get that old, I'll know everybody too!"...Naahhh, he used to do the city council thing, and everything!
And, yes, we plan on taking his son & some of his friends to Rogue's Hollow, where it all somewhat started 25 years ago, this October! Now that'll be fun!!
All right, I'm outta here...tomorrow night is the 25th class reunion...Tom's going with me...Tif went out to Maurice's today and got me an outfit and shoes (she has impeccable taste...but also expensive!)...but it's stuff I needed anyway.And Nancy emailed me from work today, and said she is looking SO forward to this..."Don't worry, Libby, I know my line!!" hahaha...I'm good!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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