Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crybaby bridge again...kiinda...

Okay...T and I were on the phone for about 3 hours last night, (it HAS been about 15 years since we last talked, after all!), but I forgot to even ask him where the bridge was!! He came over for a few hours this afternoon, and I actually remembered to ask him, and he told me 'Rogues Hollow'...I can't believe I forgot that name! As soon as he said it, I remembered! There's a really cool website about it here, and if you get a chance, read the book on there, it's really interesting! And check out the pictures, and you'll see why it was scary over there! The only thing I was wrong about is that there are railroad tracks everywhere over there, if you check out the maps on there, it'll show them EVERYWHERE! And I never realized, it was about 15 minutes away from Massillon, where I was born!
I guess I'm just starting the Halloween season a little bit early, cuz, I'll miss out on seeing all the trick or treaters this year, I'll be busy at the rehearsal dinner!! But, I still wanna go see Hell, MI sometime! I did actually try to talk Tiff & R into making the rehearsal dinner a costume party, but...no luck...
I actually got my biggest surprise email a few days ago from an old friend, not someone from my school! It was from the first woman I ever started emailing with, back in 1998, when all I had was WebTV!! She and I are a lot alike, and got along great from the beginning. She and her husband lived up by Cleveland, and, since I was still driving at the time, we used to drive back and forth to visit each other about once a month for a while! Then they ended up moving a while later, and we lost touch...but then a few days ago, I got a message through my myspace page, and it was from her!!Wow!! That's just so cool!! Now, they've bought a farm, and have a bunch of animals, and she has about 5 or 6 German Shepherd dogs, and 2 little boys, and such. And a pretty horse! When I used to go up there, they had a big house in town, and no animals or kids! Neat!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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