Tuesday, August 05, 2008

okay...Tuesday, then!!

Today is pretty much a gray-blue day, outside, anyway.

So, last week, on Sunday night, my freakin' refrigerator quit working! So I called Sears, where it

came from...15 years ago...and they advised that a refrigerator that old really wasn't worth fixing. All salesmen worth anything would say that, I'm quite sure, aren't you? Being a former department manager at a retail store, to NOT have said it would be grounds for instant 'discipline'! To anyone who's never had the pleasure of retail, 'discipline' does NOT involve bondage or anything (come on, guys, focus on story!)...it's just a matter of cutting or scheduling undesirable hours, incredible rudeness, unbelievably tough jobs to do, etc.
So I ordered a new fridge that Monday, had all kinds of problems with having it delivered...it was promised to be here between 3 and 5 pm...got here at 8 pm...also wasn't the fridge I had ordered, but I took it, just cuz I needed one, but told the delivery guy I'd be calling to return it the next day...he just kind of shrugged his shoulders, as if to say "Like I give a shit?"...that's okay, it would've been my attitude by then, too!
So, after a couple days, and talking to the HR dept, it's gonna be replaced as soon as they get the one in that I need.
That was only the first couple days of the week!
The rest of the week was good, but busy. I got my scooter batteries today, from UPS. I saw the mailman up on the porch right after that, & asked him to bring the box inside for me, please? He said "Sure", and brought the box in. Then said, Damn, that's heavy! Where do ya want it? I said Right there is good...my ex said he's coming over to put them in for me tonight. He looked at me, winked, said Good luck with that. What a smartass! I must attract them...
Then, I've actually returned my RSVP for the Saturday night (august 30) get together for my 25th class reunion. That's the only part of it I'm going to, even though the activities last from the football game Friday night, followed by a big bonfire at one guy's house, Saturday golf, & get-together/dance Saturday night, Sunday brunch! WoW! I've had a few calls & emails from some of the people, so I'm actually getting excited about it. Heck, there's already about 150 people committed and already paid to go! We've had a good website up for about a year, and I think that helped a lot!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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