Monday, August 11, 2008

...what's gonna smack me next?

I finally caught the beginning of my favorite commercial ever!! It's the one where a lady is interviewing a guy for a job, & it must be an important job, cuz she's looking at his resume, and says 'Oh, I see you're flatulent in three languages,etc, etc,' then she's told by an assistant "Your son, Rip, is on line toot."
Okay, I guess I'm done with the present for awhile (easy to turn your back on it when people are calling you evil. hmmm...I'll go with bad or smartass, but evil?? Don't overestimate me, but never, ever make the mistake of underestimating me, either!)
A lot of people here in town got my email address off the reunion page link, and I've gotten quite a few emails from old friends, and that's been really neat! One from a tough black guy (well, he was in high the way...he's currently a coach in a school!) wrote, and started off the letter with "Libby, Libby, Libby!!" That was hilarious~! Extra hilarious, cuz I was like everybody else in school, kinda scared of them all, and intimidated!
Another was from a guy I was really good friends with since, like, I was 14. I met him when I was walking home from my boyfriend's house at about 4:30 am on a Sunday morning after Kim & I had done one of our regular "We're staying overnight with Denise" and my parents drove us across town, drop us off at Denise's front door, and we'd go in the front door, say hi to Denise & her parents (parents were clueless about our plan), and go out the back door to the carryout that sold us beer without asking for id, then we went to our boyfriends' houses, which were all the way across town in 2 different directions! I did do a helluva lot of walking before I could drive, I guess. So, the next morning when I left Kevin's house (yeah, he was a Kevin too) walking home to meet Kim (& compare notes on the night, of course), I was walking by the radio station and the dj in there sat behind a great big glass wall that faced the street. He saw me walking by the front, and he ran through the building, and caught me at the back door...we talked for a couple minutes, then he said he had to go change the record, come on I did. And we've been friends since! And, I guess this is where I started getting into radio broadcasting...and then Tif ended up volunteering at the local one in town a couple years ago...remember "Tiffany Tuesdays"? And the time they did "laundromat lotto", and went to a laundromat and Tiffany got in a dryer with 40 ping pong balls, and they'd shut the door & let her spin for a few times, then open the door, and have her hand the dj a ping pong ball with a number on it...she did such good shows on there! But it was a volunteer thing, and after the dj moved to Akron, the other guy wasn't as much fun, so she didn't want to do it anymore.
His email brought back all kindsa memories from when we hung out after my first divorce...I'll hafta write about those some other time, like when we went to Crybaby Bridge over by Canton, or when he wanted me to see this cool biker bar he found once when he lived in Winston-Salem...we left here after we ate dinner that night, and drove straight down, went in the bar for an hour or so, then turned around and came right back home!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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