Monday, August 25, 2008

Hamburgers, Harvard beets...and freezer pops! *slurp!*

My weekend in the country..gaaaaahhh...sounds like a second grader's report....
But anyway, it was "more fun than a barrel of monkeys". And yeah, that's Tom at the top...I've picked on him since he was 22 for weighing what I did (at 14!)!
His whole entire house out there in the country looks like a museum, honestly, I was awful surprised to see a microwave in the kitchen~!!
But now, that was just a necessity...for the popcorn to watch 'The Red Green Show' with Luke, ([Jerry] springer spaniel, and his 7 yr old boy, who is great. And he also let me know in no uncertain terms, that I might be his Dad's girlfriend, but, I still have cooties...The above picture is part of the bathroom (enormous!)! Of course, he has a pay phone hanging in there, and when I was a little unsure about being able to take a shower because of my balance, Tom promptly picked up that green wooden chair, & put it in the bathtub..."Work for ya now?"lololol! I made sure I said "So you're saying I stink now? (you didn't say that last night, now did you??? hehehehe...joke!)
When I got out, I went to the kitchen, and he was making pumpkin waffles, cuz he said I need vegetables, I don't weigh enough! look who's talkin!
Anyway, I had an amazing time this weekend! Hopefully, I wasn't an obnoxious houseguest, or anything, and I'll get invited back! He is gonna be my date for the 25tth class reunion Aug 30. And we're still arguing about the fact that I say he took me to my 10th grade dance, and he says nope...must've been someone else...nope, I was desperate & dateless, after all...I'll die laughing if (ooooh, maybe I'll get my friend Nancy to walk up and say "Weren't you with Libby at the 10th grade dance??" ...must do some plotting here...)
Okay...more tomorrow...I have a 9:00 AM breakfast appt tomorrow...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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