Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jan 6

No, I didn't train HIM!

Oh...what a wonderful grandma I'll make, huh?

I've trained him well, huh?

Today's kinda a 'blahhh' day. Just how weird is this? It's 51 degrees out right now, and it's 4 days after we had 4 inches of snow!! Ugly! It wouldn't be all that bad, but I know this isn't 'spring' yet...I think this is what old people call "strawberry spring". And that's anything but good!
I'm so convinced that it's gonna be winter forever, that the only album to listen to is "Long Cold Winter" by Cinderella! Yup, it's an 80's album, the best songs are, of course, Long Cold Winter, and 'If You Don't Like It, I Don't Care". The rest of it's good, though, too!
"Gypsy Road" is playing now....boy, does that bring back a whole TON of good (drunk) memories! When I worked in the store an hour north of here, we'd all go out and get drunk as hell on Saturday night and Tuesday night, (department managers had Sundays and Wednesdays off for the most part...except for inventory time, which was a whole 'nother story!).
So a bunch of us used to go hit all the bars up there in the 3 towns that were fairly close to each other...15 miles or so...and yes, I admit it, I drove kinda drunk, but, thank God, I never had an accident. And, no, if I...

Oh my God!! This is so fuckin' freaky! My computer just switched over and the next song that's playing is "One Lonely Night" by REO Speedwagon!! And now it's "Tearin' Down The Walls" by Poison!! All of these songs are downloaded on my hard drive, but, still!! All right...I think I've got it now...just playin AC/DC album "High Voltage"! That was the VERY FIRST album I EVER bought, when I was in 8th grade (how ancient do I sound now? and it was a real "ALBUM", vinyl and all!! No cd's back then, you had a choice of cassettes, or albums, and I still had some 8-tracks from Bro!).
Anyway, we'd all go out and get drunk, then end up at my (well, mine & Mouse's boyfriend's house...really, his mom & dad's house where he lived with his brothers & sisters! and his mom & dad!). And we'd sit in the kitchen and watch that show on MTV where there was a hot guy that played rock videos late on weekends, I forget what it was!
If it was a Tuesday night, we'd just be out partying all night and sleep at one of the person's houses up there..(it's amazing that all of us were in our 20's and, up there, most people still lived with their mom & dads, who never cared that we came rolling in drunk & noisy!). And I'd be driving home the next morning, and I'd pass one of the supervisors from my town, going to work in one of the towns north, with his big ol' cup of was a divided highway, but we kinda got in the habit of raising our drinks to each other, me, my can of Coke, him, his huge coffee! haha!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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