Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday night...

Well, in light of what happened tonight, all of these pictures are in honor of Truman...the first two are him, the last one is what I could see Tru doing for me if he ever had the chance after tonight!

What happened is..nothing, thank God for Truman being what I originally thought was a psycho cat, and the kid across the street who takes my trash out to the street Tuesday night.
I was back in the laundry room where the garbage can and the back door are. I gathered the trash up & got it all ready for me to put it out the back door onto the deck. All of a sudden, I realized that Truman was kinda stalking up behind me toward the door, I had the inside solid door open and the screen door with the solid bottom half, and the top half is a screen was closed. The
weather outside was really warm today, even though it was windy and rainy off and on, it just smelled good, you know? The high today was 50 degrees! The high tomorrow is going to be 22 degrees! Yup...this is Ohio in January, all right...Right now we're under a severe thunderstorm warning for the night!!
Anyway, at first I thought Truman was just trying to smell the outside air, and feel the breeze coming in. So I turned around and was telling him, go back, you can't go outside, good kitties aren't allowed outside, just like good kitties aren't allowed in the basement, remember? I started walking back to the front of the kitchen, kinda nudging him with my legs to push him, cuz he was so adamant about getting to the door, and I wanted to get him back so I could get him out the other kitchen door and shut him in the rest of the house. He just kept dodging around me trying to get to the back he knew I wasn't coordinated enough to dance around like him (the little showoff!). I finally thought I had the way to the back door blocked and took a couple steps. All of a sudden, he hissed at me, and launched himself at my leg!! He has never hissed at a person before! Especially the person that lets him sleep in my bed every night, scoops his litter box every couple days, makes sure he has a bowl full of fresh water & one full of Deli-Cat all the time. Damn~! I just stood there in shock, watching him for a minute to see what he was gonna do next! He GLARED back at me, he never blinked, or looked away, nothing! I just kind of walked back toward the kitchen for a minute, to see what he'd do. We just looked at each other for about 5 minutes, then I went back toward the back door, so I could get the bags of trash out, and he let me past him with no problem, just watched me...he didn't try to run out or anything while the door was open, and I got the trash bags out, and shut the door. As I was walking past him, I made sure he knew I thought he was a 'bad boy'!
I came in here and called B, and told him everything was out on the deck, and he said he'd be right over...he showed up a minute later, brought my mail in, we sat here & talked for a few minutes, he was telling me his 17th birthday was yesterday...that's neat! Then we went to the back door, and he went over and opened the inside door...then pushed open the screen door, and just jerked back and shut the screen door again, looked back at me and said "That's one of the biggest raccoons I've ever seen!!" Turns out there was a raccoon about 3 times the size of Truman standing on top of the bags I'd just put out! Keep in mind, we're in town, not even close to being out in the country! I've seen then around here before...they live in the sewers, I've seen them crawling down the storm drains! But now there's one living under my freaking deck!! Yuk!! B went back outside a couple minutes later with a flashlight (and a broom for protection! I forgot, I have a metal baseball bat in my bedroom...if I'dve thought about it, I would've gotten that for him! That would've been more secure than a damn wooden broom!). The raccoon wasn't there, so he took the bags out to the street. After he went home I started feeling like the biggest shithead in the world! Truman had been trying to save my life, and I called him a bad boy!! I've been telling him "Mommy's sorry!!" And petting him, and making a big deal over him, and he is loving it!

Okay, I'm done...I just thought my great, brave cat deserved this!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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