Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday...I get iv steroids m,t,w next week!! WOOOO!!

That's one of the Kitlers I've found, while I was bored & web surfing.
And hasn't EVERYBODY felt like they've been driving on this road a LOT??
That's NOT my hand, I just thought it was an 'interesting' picture...interesting as in 'I almost threw up a little'.

I took everyone's advice, and I have a call in to my dr now, waiting for her to call back & tell me whether I should go get a blood test cuz I'm sleeping so much & I'm so cold. Personally, I think it's the time of year & the stuff going on this time of year...but, I'm not a dr.
Just in case it comes across that Boo & I only laugh, we actually did have one serious conversation, about her theory that, as a civilization, we've invented all kinds of things, especially lately, that are supposed to "save time for you & your family". You know, computers, cell phones, a bajillion cable channels, X-Box, etc. So why all of a sudden, do kids have the attention span of a gnat, and, if you think of it, families are more 'split apart' and doing different things with 'other people', not their families.
Boo & her husband & 4 kids have a house out in the country, & she cans everything all summer, the kids are all in 4-H, they don't have cable, and they all read all the time!! Her 15 yr old son's iq is 2 points higher than mine, for God's sake!! And all 4 kids have college funds, & they all KNOW they're going! I dunno...there's just so many different ways to live, & so many different things to do in life, don't you hear about a life like that & it sounds 'bucolic', and you wonder "why did she do that and I did this?" I know it's not all like it looks from the outside, she worked her way through all her college after she was married by babysitting all day & going to school at night, & there's no big college loan to have to pay off! And while all this was going on, she had their 4 kids! Gaaaahhhhhh...what energy!!
I also let her have a book last year that was called something like "Too Much Is Not Enough", and it was about that kind of stuff too. It talked about new houses now are usually for a family with 1 or 2 kids, but the house has 4 or 5 bedrooms & the same number of bathrooms! I's just stuff to think about. But, for heaven's
sake, THINK before you choose!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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