Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday night

Hey everybody! Did you all have a great weekend? Mine was pretty good. I didn't go anywhere, it was too cold out. I did stay here and take care of the bills & everything on the computer...then I got down to the real business of the weekend...SHOPPING! with my ebay gift certificate, of course! I hafta quit buying so many books...or get some big tote things to put 'em in!
I was watching 'Jon & Kate + 8' earlier, but it just drives me in the world could you EVER do it, with two 5 year old twin girls, & six 3 year olds (assorted flavors) boys & girls! And here I think it was tough raising Tif on my own! This week they showed them taking all the kids to Disney World...just exhausting to watch, I guess.

I could see many moms getting wedding invitatiions like this for their sons, couldn't you?

click on invitation to enlarge!

Now I've got a much better and calmer tv show on (lol)...'In Search Of The Swamp Thing', on The History Channel. I LOVE this channel! Almost as much as Nick At Nite...

I was talking to Joe last night, before he went to work at the bar (yes, this is what he does on know, when he's not teaching school during the week (this is why I love him, though, he's done this for 16 or so years at the same place!). I was thinking about going out and hanging out there, but, I just could NOT make myself get warm all day!! I just sat here in front of the register (heat's always set at 74 degrees in the winter!) in my sweatshirt & sweatpants, with a little ceramic disc heater beside me!! All I can think of is how lucky I must be to have really thick hair, since the top of the head is where you're supposed to lose a lot of heat.

I was laying down, trying to sleep last night, but I couldn't...nothing! I HATE not being able to go to sleep at night! Oh. And just as soon as I get halfway asleep, here comes Truman, "STOMP, STOMP" up the bed. Well, ok, that may have been a mild exaggeration. Well, I DID try to get his picture on here, but it wouldn't go down here, it automatically went to the top!
Oh yeah...I got the best book in the mail from ebay last week! It's a James Patterson, 'You've Been Warned'. And it was just about the best book I;ve EVER read! In fact, it was 375 pages long...I started reading at 9 pm, fell asleep from midnight to 2, and on all night til 4 pm the next day! And I was done in 24 hrs!
All right...gotta go...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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