Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Okay, I can say pretty much what prayer was answered now. I was really hoping that something would change bigtime for Kevin at his job, because he hates it SO much, he's told me for a long time that as he drives out to work every day, he just feels like pulling the car over and puking. And, no, it's not cuz he's drunk, before you ask! Like I said, there's about 500 people that work at that office...he was kinda promoted about a year ago to a position of assistant supervisor, which sounds a LOT more glamorous than it actually is....there are about 25 others in this office that do that, and actually, all it is, is to talk to the customers that are pissed at the company, and ask the reps on the floor, well, demand, to talk to a supervisor. So, it's actually Kev's job to solve their problem, so the supervisor doesn't have to! If he can't (which has only happened a couple times since he's been in that job), then he has to take a message & the supv has to call them back the next day. Anyway...the boss of this center came to his department last week, told him that they were going to need a new person to do the systems department, and she wanted him to apply, and he should put her down as a reference. Well, that was what I was so overjoyed about...and that sounded great, cuz when I worked there (10 yrs ago, of course!) systems was just a couple of people that handled the computer system for that center. Well, it now seems that it's changed since I've been there...actually, until they get a new 'systems boss' that's what it'll be. But the new job is going to be almost 100% different. When they posted it this week, it said it's going to be 20% travel! Which Kevin doesn't want at all, wouldn't even want it if I was 100% healthy! Cuz that could mean going almost anywhere, New York, Indiana, Hawaii...and he doesn't want anything to do with that! We talked about it last night, and I asked him if he would want to do it even if we had never gotten married, & he said no...pretty much, that answers MY question. I prayed about it again last night, then woke up today and said 'don't even apply, you don't want it' which is what he had already been telling me & his family. So...today, even before anyone at work knew he didn't want it, he was asked to do something else that he's been wanting to do! With no travel, it's all in this building! Not a management job, but, who cares? He already makes almost 20 bucks an hour, + free insurance, so, pee-shaw! And he said today when he called on his last break, that he and some other people out there are scheduled to have a meeting with the vice-president of the company tomorrow. So, I look at that as a signal that somebody recognizes that he's doing a good job, anyway. Even though he never went to college, which is usually the first thing they look for, a college degree.
So, I'm done for now, till I think of something else.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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