Thursday, June 23, 2005


Okay....nuttymom came up with a good game the other it's my turn! Can everybody remember all the cars you've ever had in your life, from your first to present?? Tell me about 'em! My first car when I was 16 was a 1972 8-cylinder Comet...booger was really ugly, but, man, would it GO! That was originally my mom's first car. Then in a few years, Dad bought her a Honda, and he must've put the Comet in storage for me, cuz I got it in 79 or 80, when I was driving...(told you I was a spoiled brat, didn't I?). Then, after I left Tiff's bio-dad when I was 19, and got my job here in town, worked my way up, and was transferred to a store an hour north, they got me a Honda Civic, 5-speed...I LOVED that car!! Then, aabout 2 years later, maybe 3, I was driving around a different town up north, and some old lady went through her stop sign, and totaled my car! And I wasn't wearing a seatbelt (there was no law back then). So my face got bashed up, and so did my car, but I was more pissed about my car! I sat in it at the junkyard & bawled for about an hour! So, after that (you wouldn't BELIEVE this!)....I got a!! HAHAHA!! It broke down more than I can even remember! All I know is that I think I WALKED more on rt 23 N than I drove when I had that! And got more rides from nice truck drivers! They're definitely safer than just somebody in a car!! Then I traded the Yugo in for my favorite car, a silver Mazda RX-7! Then got a gray cavalier, then a great little Geo Metro (green again, but not booger!). Now we have a bright yellow Dodge Neon, and I like it(don't get to drive it, but I like the color!! it's your turns!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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