Sunday, June 05, 2005

I did something worthwhile this weekend!!

So, Friday night, I finally learned how to do something worthwhile on this computer that has everything! Kevin showed me how to make a photostory with the pictures we have on here...since I have hundreds of them (I went crazy over the last few years with my digital camera...). So, since I have every Windows media thing on this computer that is made, I did two photostories on here. One is of Truman's pictures, and the one I worked on for a couple of days with Tiffany's pictures, from birth through high school! I even put the one on here that I scanned a couple years ago of me holding her on the delivery room table (I look like shit, of course...that's what 20 hours of labor does to ya, I guess...hence, she's an only child!). I put her first picture that was taken by the hospital in their nursery on, too. So hers is 5 minutes long, and I put music in the background, MmmmmBop, by Hanson! Because that was our 'Myrtle Beach' music when we all took our one and only vacation to anywhere, we always think of Myrtle Beach when we hear that song! And I put the song 'Time And Tide' by Basia on Truman's! Now, I can make dvd's of them, and save them in our safe deposit box. Now I want to do some of my house I grew up in. Because I moved out of there Apr 8, 1983 to get married (mistake!), and I called the old man that lived there at this time (he's since died), and asked if myself and my family could come back over and go through it one more time, and he & his wife were happy, and said yeah! So...we went over and went through it one more time on Apr 6, 2003...almost 20 years to the day from when I moved out! And my name, height lines, and dates are STILL on the closet door that used to be Mom's closet, written in pencil, from 1970 and later!! They said they had never wanted to paint over that, it was like history of the house! That's a HUGE compliment! The house was built in the late 1800's, and my dad bought it and moved us there in the meantime, President Harding's secretary and his family lived there (the Harding Home is right behind the house!). So, there's TONS of history there! I even have a picture on the computer of the secretary standing in front of the house with his family in, well,, anyway, while we were there, I took tons of pictures of everything, lots of it in the third floor attic was still mine & my friends' stuff, like the window we painted like stained glass, cuz there's a 6 by 10 foot stained glass window on the second floor, and I wanted my own!! Okay...I'm rambling, probly cuz it's so hot & sticky!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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