Monday, June 27, 2005

tagged answers...

Hey, I FINALLY have time to sit down here and do the tag questions! tagged by Christine, who hates her husband..

Name 5 things most people like and I don't give a shit about (or words to that effect!).

1. spare time...I'm home too friggin' much anyway, and, well, if I could drive, there's plenty of stuff I'd do, but, I don't think I should...unless I somehow, miraculously, HEAL!, and get my license back...but that prayer's not getting answered right now...ok, ok, I God's time Libby, not yours!!
2. Nascar...well, I like it sometimes, in limited amounts.Like the road courses, Watkins Glen, which is coming up...oh, and Tony Stewart...he's, like, just the hottest thing in racing! (Tiff swears she's gonna marry Kasey Kahne...I told her I hope she does, then she can take care of her parents in their old age!)
3. Celebrities who spout off their godforsaken political views, and then they're all hurt and offended because their 'former' fans think they're stupid assholes that think their opinions mean any damn more than ours! Sorry, I need to go off on a rant here...there isn't a whole lot I care about more than politics! And it makes me SO MAD when people who don't read anything about it, only watch ABC, NBC, & CBS, and think they know everything! And say they'll vote for Hillary Clinton, if she runs, because they loved Bill Clinton, and they think that it'll be just like having him back! Grrrrrr!!! If you think Bush isn't the right president, well, wait til you see what 'Hitlery' will do! She's the most evil, power-hungry person in Washington. I beg your pardons, if I was offensive...
4. NBA- yeah, I know, everybody talks about March Madness, and all that...and the finals, just over, which I did watch, but only because Detroit was in it, and they were doing great!!
5. ...and for the last...and, actually, the least...TOM & KATIE!!! Is everybody ready to PUKE the next time you hear a news story about them?? As a matter of fact...they aren't NEWS!! News is important stuff, like, politics, war on terror, missing kids, weather, oh, I don't know, ANYTHING but Hollywood stuff! There's a place for that, and, it's not on the national news! Maybe the national...enquirer!
Okay, I'm done...I want to tag...op~, if nobody else got him; Rookielover, come on, play with us!; & nuttymom.....she knows exactly who I mean!
Lotsa work...I have to go & watch the Twilight Zone (the new ones, in color...this one has George Costanza (Seinfeld)!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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