Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I've been sitting up late every night in the living room reading! I used to read about a book every couple days, but....since there are computers, and email, and news, and blogs to read, ....oh my gosh, it's almost like I don't have time to read anymore! And I REALLY miss it! So, anyway, Kevin's mom & dad gave me an eBay gift certificate for Christmas, and I'm just getting it spent now...but, it may take some time. Anyway, I have 3 books I just got on there, & I'm only about 20 pages from the end of the first one. And it is SO GOOD!! Albeit's something I've always wanted to read...."Soylent Green"! It's actually quite depressing, but I'm hooked!! Tiff recommended the Nicholas Sparks books (The Notebook...I bawled my eyes out so hard I woke Kev up [3 rooms away, out of a sound sleep!], & The Wedding, etc...So...I usually never bid higher than a penny on any of these books (if they're paperbacks). And I won Soylent Green for a penny...but it did actually cost me 4.00, because of shipping....still, it's worth it! Kev asked me once why I didn't just order them new from Amazon, and I told him, "These used books have CHARACTER!! Besides, it's not like the words are gone after someone reads them...they just create memories in their brains, and then the words are passed on!" I don't really know how else to put it, but... once I bid like, $5.00 + shipping on a Robin Cook book (a medical mystery...he has tons of books, and he really IS a doctor!)...when I got it (it was a hardcover with dust jacket!), it was in this great big box, and there was a letter in there from the girl I got it from, saying she didn't want all of these anymore, so she wanted me to have them! And when I looked, it was like, a complete collection of his books!! All hardcover w/dustjackets!! So, those kept me busy for a long time!! Geez, I LOVE that girl!!
Anyway, I think I'm gonna go finish that book...I should be able to get it finished in a half-hour or so. (I'm a fast, fast reader!).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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