Sunday, May 01, 2005

it's sat nite/sun morn...but I slept all freakin day!!

I really don't have much to say tonite, i got up at like 11:30 am, and then was up & down most of the day! i'm getting a stupid sore throat, and i hate them like poison!! I can't even play my Metallica, Megadeth, or any songs, cuz I can't sing with them (I bet if it didn't hurt, I'd probly sound just like 'em, though! even on my best days, i sound like i ate a spoonful of gravel!).
I've been watching the news on and off all day. Heard about the 'runaway bride-to-be', when I first woke up around 8 am, and heard them talking about if she should be charged...I'm thinking, 'for what? damn, she's 32 years old! can't she change her MIND???' And then somebody mentioned 'those poor 600 people that made arrangements to go to the wedding Sat nite!' Oh, bite me!! It was their was going to be the rest of HER LIFE!!! Better to change her mind now, than after a year or 5 or 10....But yeah, I realize she used a lot of law enforcement people, so she should try to reimburse for that...but that's where the public's interest & 'right to know' should end! I actually heard someone say this afternoon, that they were gonna try to find the people on the bus that talked to her...WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?? You were just saying that they wasted all these resources on her....wouldn't that be MORE UN-NEEDED resources?? I think this is the exact reason Kev & I got married at City Hall by a judge! We didn't need 600+ people there, it was fine with his mom & dad, my mom & dad, his brother & sister, & me & Tiff, & Tiff was my 'flower girl'!We got engaged on Feb 14th, and married on the 16th...exactly what we wanted! (and, NO, I was not pregnant, for heaven's sake! Get your mind outta the gutter!) We told people that 'we didn't get engaged to think about whether we wanted to be married...we want to start our lives together NOW!' Okay, okay, I know it may not work for everyone...but everything's come together, so God must think that we gave it enough thought, huh? Plus, it's been 15 years, and I can count the number of times we've ever argued, on one hand!! But, this lady's fiance was probably quietly relieved!! I do not know one guy who would've wanted a wedding this size!! In fact, I'll be surprised if it doesn't come out someday that he knew about it all along! We'll see...I wish them all the happiness in the world, either way it goes!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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